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Protect your ears, noise reduction earplugs, big decryption

  • Author:Emily
  • Release Date:2021-06-04

Generally speaking, the inner ear will be injured in a noise of 90 decibels for more than 8 hours, 95 decibels for more than 4 hours, 100 decibels for more than 2 hours, and 110 decibels for half an hour, and the volume of nightclubs or big parties can easily exceed 100 decibels or even Come to 110 decibels. Especially in nightclubs or parties, everyone will drink, and drinking will reduce everyone's hearing acuity, so that we feel okay, not too loud, but at this time our ears may have been hurt.

There are several solutions, such as staying away from the speakers, telling them to turn off the sound, and going outside to rest every 30 minutes... However, only the first one seems to work slightly, the second and the third are impossible.

So actually the best way is to wear a noise reduction earplug! The earplugs I'm talking about here are not the orange color of the usual 3M, but a noise reduction earplug designed for musicians. Don’t think that wearing earplugs seems wasteful or not handsome enough. In fact, many DJs also bring them to their performances, not to mention protecting hearing is the most important thing.
noise reduction earplug

What is the difference between earplugs for musicians and ordinary 3M earplugs? The biggest difference is that the fidelity of the former is much higher than that of the latter, and the so-called fidelity is to make people feel that the sound is very uniform and less, rather than the bass becomes very small and the treble is still very noisy.

However, our ears are very special, because the shape of the outer ear and the shape of the inner ear make us more sensitive to the 3k-7kHz piece. So although the frequencies of the sound broadcast by the speakers are the same, we will hear that it is a little louder on the 3k-7k side.

If we look at the outer ear separately from the inner ear, the contour of the inner ear will increase by 3k, 9k, 15k.

The outer ear will amplify the frequency of 3k-7k

So they add up to the picture mentioned above. So the so-called high-fidelity noise reduction earplugs are actually to make our ears sound as consistent with the data in the above picture as possible, that is, to compensate back at 2700Hz and 3k-7k.

Because the 3M earplugs do not have such a special design, we feel that the treble is reduced more than the bass, which leads us to feel that the sound is very fuzzy and unclear.

In order to achieve this effect, there is a very thin tube inside the noise reduction earplugs, which is the resonator. His principle is that the sound waves are reflected back after entering and offset the next incoming sound wave, so that the sound of a specific sound wave becomes smaller to achieve the purpose of noise reduction.

noise reduction earplug