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Portable mini stereo speakers

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-10-11 12:50:08
Mini stereo speakers Unique, full of sense of design, red black and white three, individuality. Breaking the traditional law-abiding speaker design, desktop release, mini stereo speakers put the bed, mini stereo speakers put the playground, and his / her favorite music to enjoy the good moments, the volume is to force Oh!

   mini stereo speakers Is difficult to locate a product, either portable speakers, it can be said that the novelty holder, how to play all right, that is so strange new ideas!

After many mini stereo speakers are adjusted for use and maintenance, the sound quality will become more honest after synchronized fermentation. The longer the use of Bluetooth speakers, the more worthy of fun. So what should we pay attention to when using mini stereo speakers?

1. Pay attention to the new machine test machine

Many people just want to plug in a mini stereo speakers and try it out. Be careful when the speaker is not connected to the power amplifier, the test will directly impact the circuit of the power amplifier. The audio is a passive device, all energy comes from the output of the power amplifier. Therefore, when starting up, check whether all the devices are connected, and after confirming, turn the volume knob to the minimum before starting the system.

2. Try to use it at a reasonable ambient temperature

The ambient temperature of the mini stereo speakers audio should be controlled at least between -10℃ and 40℃, and the temperature environment should be avoided as much as possible. Excessive temperature changes and the use of audio in extremely low and extremely high environments will cause irreversible damage to the audio system

3. Pay attention to the environmental humidity

In terms of environmental humidity, the mini stereo speakers should be placed at a relative humidity of 50% to 80%.
mini stereo speakers