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Personality era, you are still favorite ordinary portable smart speaker do?

Nana www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-10-13 17:40:01
   Flamboyant era, also found a small series portable smart speaker, Design changes in the general appearance of the structure of rectangular lines, sleek lines make the product an extraordinary moment. Speaker with a black, white or pure red new model looks, stylish minimalist appearance, pure and perfect sound, Bluetooth wireless home portable smart speaker.
   The portable smart speaker does not use integrated function keys, but the keys will be distributed in the box all around, it is also very easy to operate. In addition, the portable smart speaker is also equipped with 2600mA lithium batteries, provide a guarantee for long-term use. Using the most stable wireless portable smart speaker Bluetooth 4.0 technology, a key Bluetooth, easily paired phone, tablet, computer, iphone, ipod and other Bluetooth portable smart speaker devices. portable smart speaker Sound quality, this section with two 3W stereo times of large-diameter drive unit, the overall portable smart speaker sound quality and full of strong, full-band equalizer, both in indoor or outdoor portable smart speaker environments, portable smart speaker can give you the perfect visual entertainment experience.
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