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Mini speaker

  • Author:Cindy
  • Release Date:2022-02-14
Product introduction
The mini speaker is a very small speaker product. It breaks the tradition of large size and the same appearance of the traditional speaker, and turns into a small size, easy to carry, and lovely shape. The appearance is changed and the function is also very powerful, allowing us to enjoy the benefits of Walkman music!

The speaker (speaker unit) is the weakest component in the mini-speaker device, and it is the most important component for the mini-speaker effect.
The cavity is used to eliminate the acoustic short circuit of the speaker unit, suppress its acoustic resonance, widen its frequency response range and reduce distortion.
The power amplifier is mainly composed of passive components such as inductors, resistors, capacitors and other passive components to form a filter network, and the audio signals of each frequency band are respectively sent to the speakers of the corresponding frequency band for playback.
Features Edit Broadcast
Music Angel Speaker
Music Angel Speaker
Mini speakers are generally small in size, but they are also fully equipped. They can support U disk, micro SD to play mp3, and FM radio. They can also be used as desktop PC speakers with AUX. Moreover, it is equipped with a bright display screen, and the fonts can be clearly seen in strong outdoor light. The button design is also very simple. There are only three buttons on the front, volume adjustment and mode buttons, and the upper part of the fuselage is arranged with a power button and a button for adjusting the up and down songs. It is very convenient to operate.
The popularity of the mini speaker is due to its portability. Another point is that it can replace the function of mp3. It can be used as mp3 when plugged in headphones, and it can be used as an audio device. Outgoing music. Especially in the outdoors, you can choose to listen to yourself or play it out, and you can enjoy the fun of music during the journey.
It is one of the magic weapons for many hip-hop lovers.