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Mini Candy Blueooth Speaker hands-on experience

Emily http://www.jaskeyworld.com 2016-04-07 17:53:43

I believe that many friends, like me, always hope to have their own candy box full of candies when they were children. However, it was not until after graduation and work that I realized that I couldn't have it in the end. A childhood without regrets is not a childhood.

Speaking of candy boxes, Jaskey recently launched a new and sentimental product-Mini Candy Blueooth Speaker. You cant have a candy box in your childhood. After graduation and work, of course, you have to go back to the retro style, so I decided to start this NSP-0002 Mini Candy Blueooth Speaker, the product we are going to experience together today is Mini Candy Blueooth Speaker.

This Mini Candy Blueooth Speaker is inspired by women's powder, childhood game consoles and fashion goodies. Through some brilliant colors and unique ball-shaped elements, users can recall the childhood toys of candy and indulge in warm and romantic time.

The charging interface of the NSP-0002 Mini Candy Blueooth Speaker uses the most popular Type-C interface. The designer still follows the mainstream and can be used in common with mobile phones. There is no need to bring additional data cables for short trips.

In addition, there is an AUX port next to the charging port, which can be easily connected with desktop hosts and other devices that do not support Bluetooth through the included audio cable.

In terms of sound quality, Nuvoton DSP core with internal magnetic full-frequency + silk film tweeter dual speakers is used to expand the overall wide-frequency range to achieve sinking bass, full treble, clear and bright vocals, and give listeners a pleasant sound quality.

Mini Candy Blueooth Speaker

In terms of sound quality, I have auditioned "Hotel California" and Justin Bieber. The sound field of Hotel California is a bit worse, and Justin Bieber's vocal Mini Candy Blueooth Speaker also performed very well. Except for the bass, the mid-to-treble sounds are good, and the overall sound quality experience is a bit popular.

That's it. This Mini Candy Blueooth Speaker far exceeds my expectations in terms of sound quality and price styling. Recently, some friends who want to change Bluetooth speakers may wish to consider this, here you may say Why don't so many smart speakers choose them now? I just want to say that those speakers don't matter if they don't think about it. Just think about it until you leave the budget of smart AI and leave it to sound quality.