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Mini Bluetooth stereo waterproof outdoor speakers

  • Author:Jorly
  • Source:http://www.jaskeyworld.com
  • Release Date:2014-10-08
I love to take a bath skin, and I love every minute of music, listening to music, I want to take a bath, how to do? How to do?

Let waterproof outdoor speakers to help you! ! Enjoy, bubble bath time, let the elf next to you whispering, telling one story and music-related, and you can also play it, it is not afraid of water, oh, is not very strong? Now, and enjoy your music together

Use the machine safely:
1. Do not pull out with wet hands and plug in the power plug to avoid electric shock.
2. When not in use for a long time, pull out the replacement power plug from the power socket.
3. Do not allow metal conductive materials such as iron needles, hairpins, coins, etc. to fall into the machine to avoid damage to the machine.
4. When replacing the fuse of the waterproof outdoor speakers machine, it should be replaced strictly according to the requirements, and the unqualified substitute should be reused.
5. When the machine is in use, the grounding point of the chassis should be safely grounded.

6. The waterproof outdoor speakers machine is damaged and works under excessive or short-circuit conditions.

7. Generally, there are auxiliary power sockets on the back panel of civil power amplifiers. Do not connect electric appliances such as hair dryers or irons through it. waterproof outdoor speakers can only be used to connect audio equipment.

8. In a constant voltage power amplifier, the output terminal will have a higher output voltage, and the output terminal leads are generally aligned, so in use, we must ensure that the output terminal leads are safe and reliable.
Six, pay attention to the protection of the power cord:
1. Take care to avoid the power cord being stepped on and crushed by heavy objects.
2. Do not pull, insert or twist the power cord forcefully.
3. When pulling out the plug from the socket, grab the plug and pull it out.
Generally waterproof outdoor speakers, modern audio equipment is an advanced product, carefully designed and maintained, safe use, and correct operation. Gradually enjoy the beauty, and avoid unexpected losses.

waterproof outdoor speakers