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Microsoft will have big action in VR?

James http://www.jaskeyworld.com 2016-07-11 10:20:00

Microsoft recently embarked on a new Windows Insider plan survey, mainly related to the PC gaming and VR experience.The next Microsoft's focus may be these two areas.Asked in the survey questionnaire, Microsoft Windows Insider members, their specific PC configuration, preference for graphics card manufacturers, as well as the favorite type of PC game.And, more importantly, Microsoft would like to know where to buy the game users favorite.(best speaker manufacturers)

Microsoft this questionnaire is mainly for Windows 10 PC gaming experience improved, but there are also a significant part of the problem is involved in VR.Microsoft wants to know is that users do you have any plan to purchase a VR head show next year.(best speaker manufacturers)

Say first Windows 10 PC game.Ask PC configuration, video card manufacturer's preferences and game type preference, that is likely to mean that the Microsoft as a future PC preparation for the games of the first party to determine the new configuration based on these requirements, the game type and degree of optimization.The most interesting thing is about the way to buy game problem, this may suggest that Microsoft is seeking outside Windows 10 store sales for the first game.(best speaker manufacturers)

Last possibility is low, because for a long time before, Microsoft has said publicly that Steam is a very popular game platform, so Windows 10 will not deliberately to promote their own shops to bypass it.Considering the Windows 10 shops there are many drawbacks in the game, if the future Microsoft first book can buy on Steam, that nature is harm for the player.But even so, it seems we should not expect after the game on Steam can support Windows 7/8.1 or even Windows XP system.(best speaker manufacturers)

As for VR this, we already know that next year will push the new host of Microsoft Xbox Scorpio will join the Oculus Rift show support, such as PC VR head into the VR market formally.When asking people to buy intention specifically mentioned "next year," also seems to be implied that Microsoft will pay more attention to in 2017 VR, this and Xbox Scorpio is up to the sale of a plan.Microsoft also mentions the film experience, it will be like samsung, to create, including film and television play, a whole set of VR ecology?(best speaker manufacturers)

, of course, according to Microsoft's own questionnaire is just a routine procedure, because the company needs to understand all aspects related to the user, so it is possible this time of the survey does not contain any very profound meaning.What is real intention, for now there is only a Microsoft itself clearly.(best speaker manufacturers)