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What is the mentality of boys who like to buy tws bluetooth earbuds for a big price?

Emily 2020-09-22 13:53:38

I believe that many enthusiasts have been asked this question: "Wow, what do you think of spending so much money on earphones?" Whenever you meet someone asking like this, do you instantly doubt life: buy Earphones, my girlfriend doesn't understand, my mother scolds the prodigal, why is she still so persistent? We have summarized the mentality of some fans to buy tws bluetooth earbuds, let's see which one you belong to.

Mindset 1: Want to have a better listening experience

For the ten-dollar and one-hundred-dollar tws bluetooth earbuds, some people could not tell what was wrong after hearing them, while some people could hear feelings they could not hear before. This should be the beginning of what we call fever, or the process of pursuing better sound quality. Because the quality of the tws bluetooth earbuds.I have today cannot satisfy my pursuit of good sound, I want to change to a better earphone.

Imagine that when you listen to a song, what the tws bluetooth earbudsconvey to you is no longer just the cold 1, 0 and sound waveforms, but like a real person, lying on the ears and singing to you. The feeling that the ears are about to become pregnant is almost goosebumps.

Mindset 2: What I like must be

tws bluetooth earbuds

I remember eating crispy noodles when I was young, and I ate for a semester in order to gather that evil card. This point is reflected in the headset after growing up. When a good pair of tws bluetooth earbuds makes you feel good, you will feel that a good pair of tws bluetooth earbuds can bring you more pursuit of sound quality, so you saved yourself for a few years and bought a set Better music equipment.

After all, in most people's minds, once they are identified, they cannot be easily changed. Even if 10,000 people think it is not so good, but if you like it, you must get it. Even if you put it there to raise dust, I am willing.

Mindset 3: A feeling, what do you know!

Many veterans still remember the tws bluetooth earbuds that had a fever and thought about it day and night and couldn’t afford to listen to them everywhere; or earphones that were frugal and cost-effective but were lost for various reasons; or After playing with a lot of equipment, I miss the earphones that left the deepest impression during the fever and enlightenment period. They are the purest memories of music in their hearts, and they are also memories of youth. After the conditions have passed, these earphones must be bought back home, either as a souvenir or to find the self at the time.

For old fans, what they buy is feelings, not tws bluetooth earbuds. A feeling, do you understand?

tws bluetooth earbuds

Mindset 4: If everyone feels good, it is really good

In an old joke many years ago, someone was looking at the sky at the bridge head, not knowing what he was looking at. Then other people were curious and followed, and after a while, a large group of people followed. However, no one knew what they were looking at. Ask the first person to look at the sky: "Look, sky!" This effect is called herd mentality, and the same goes for tws bluetooth earbuds. I heard people say that the sound quality of the xx headset is particularly good, or blindly follow the shopping guide to fool you, and then you buy it, in fact, you don't know the good thing.

Mindset 5: Rich and headstrong

Of course, there is another situation: rich, willful, buy, buy, buy! New ones, buy! Good style, buy! Stars of the same style, buy it! But if you are within your own economy, it is called capable. If not, it is NO ZUO NO DIE.

Everyone has their own hobbies and pursuits, as long as they like them, then go after them and make life more meaningful. Just like tws bluetooth earbuds, like, why not buy them! Everyone has a different consumption outlook. Some people think that a dozen or so earphones can be used, and some people think that hundreds or even tens of thousands of earphones are what they like. Next time someone asks you why you spend a lot of money on tws bluetooth earbuds, you can tell him confidently: The tws bluetooth earbuds you bought are not the same as mine, and your life is different from mine. Different lives just need to understand each other.

But it is still recommended to plan within the scope of one's own financial burden. Otherwise, the taste of eating soil can only be experienced by yourself.

tws bluetooth earbuds