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Measurement and judgment Bluetooth over ear headphones

jaskey www.jaskeyworld.com 2015-04-14 17:25:54
Bluetooth over ear headphones and speakers the same effect, generally moving iron both diaphragm vibrating as much, according to the principles of the bluetooth over ear headphones, shows the spacing diaphragm between good and bad and with the core of a great relationship, when the diaphragm .When the core is too far away, the vibration amplitude is small; when the diaphragm from the core or stick too close to the diaphragm vibration will encounter the core, small voice and a "crackling" sound, so pay attention to the diaphragm adjustment and the height between the skeleton, a certain thickness of paper is generally the pad ring.

When the film is uneven or wrinkles appear out now, it is necessary to replace.

Test bluetooth over ear headphonesThe quality of a simple way: that the two terminals of the bluetooth over ear headphones cable rubbing against each other, listen to the inner voice of the size of the bluetooth over ear headphones to be judged. Natural acoustic sound better, so high sensitivity, pickup capacity.

Bluetooth over ear headphones