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Meaning of tws

Emily 2020-10-12 18:30:43
Many friends use tws bluetooth earbuds when they listen to songs. Now the technology and performance of tws bluetooth earbuds are very good. For example, many tws bluetooth earbudsr or headphones now use tws technology, so that the appreciation of music can be appreciated. Level, the sound quality of the music played will sound very clean, and there will be a big improvement in texture. Next, what does tws mean? At the same time, I will introduce to you the application of tws technology.

tws bluetooth earbuds

One, the meaning of tws
Tws is the abbreviation, and its full English name is tws bluetooth earbuds. This is a technology. This technology is mainly used in tws bluetooth earbudsor audio technology. In the process of practical use, it can separate the Bluetooth left and right channels wirelessly. There are many tws bluetooth earbuds that use this technology as the main solution. The core principle of this technology is to divide thetws bluetooth earbuds into a master speaker and a slave tws bluetooth earbuds.
Second, the application of tws technology

The application of this technology of tws is still relatively wide, mainly used in Bluetooth headsets or audio technology, but this technology is relatively less applied to Bluetooth headsets, and most of the cases are applied to audio. For example, there are two effects. After Bluetooth is connected, one is the main tws bluetooth earbuds and the other is the slave. Usually the master is the right channel and the slave is the left channel. With the influence of this technology, the performance of the pair oftws bluetooth earbuds is very good during use, which is better than the pure audio experience. The surround sound sounds very good.

tws bluetooth earbuds
The above content introduces the meaning of tws in detail to you, and at the same time introduces the application of tws technology with you.