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Master these eight points, you can choose your favorite speaker

Emily 2020-09-28 14:04:20

1. Set your personality first: What kind of music do I like to listen to?

Each type of equipment has its own type of music that it is good at playing, and no equipment can play all types of music well; on the other hand, due to the relatively fixed characteristics of the equipment, when buying audio equipment, make sure you are Which types of music you like is particularly important. Buy which type of equipment you like to listen to, and give up the good idea of buying a "valid everywhere" equipment.

2. Determine your listening environment

Is it in the hall, study, bedroom or a dedicated audio-visual room? What is the size of the listening space and sound field environment? For example, the study room or bedroom is generally relatively small. It is mainly used to listen to music during work or rest. Generally, the power of the speaker does not need to be too large, and the sound is softer, and the sound of the tube amplifier is more suitable; if there is a special one The listening room or the living room may have a higher demand for speaker power, so before buying the speaker you must consider where to buy it back, so that it is much easier to choose the audio.

3. Please trust your ears

If a set of speakers is good or not, it’s the best way to listen to them with your own ears. I paid for the speakers. If I think it sounds good, that’s good, because everyone has different preferences for the sound and timbre, and I think it’s not good or not.Even if you may not know what the problem is, it means that there is a problem with the equipment or combination. Other people’s views are only for reference. Of course, mastering more sound theories will help analyze the quality of the equipment and listening skills. Improve, but your own auditory satisfaction is the most important thing.

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4.Excessive sound coloration will interfere with people’s overall understanding of music

The standard of a sound system is that only the music that enters the soul after the sound is heard, and the fluctuations that music brings to oneself.It won’t let you notice the sound effect of high school bass at all, this is really good speaker.Good speaker can in a very short period of time to hold your nerve, notes rather than let the equipment characteristics of the catch yousuch as special beautiful soprano, or dive deep, tide of low frequency and so on, if you have these features and obvious, so in my eyes, this equipment is not a first-class equipment, there is a defective equipment.Play the speaker for a long time, until the last just know, the more balanced neutral, the less obvious characteristic of the equipment, is the real good speaker.

5. the false details cause the sound intolerance

Many systems, due to harmonic distortion, give people the impression that there are a lot of details, the treble penetration is very strong, and it seems that there are many overtones. In fact, this sound is intolerant, because many of them are odd harmonics. Listening to it can make people feel tired. Too many pseudo-details cause a diversion of people’s attention. People are instinctively sensitive to that sound, and eventually they will feel tired after listening. Excessive overtones are actually abnormal.

6. Audio is a tool, music is the essence

Many fans are more obsessed with the equipment than the music itself. They compare it to the taste, and they like some of the characteristics of the equipment. Moreover, the knowledge of the equipment is like a blind man’s elephant, and they often regard some of the characteristics as all. In fact, we buy The audio is for listening to music, not the listening equipment itself. Therefore, good music or sound source is very important. Many hobbyist are very impetuous, even turning the cart before the horse. Some fans have been playing audio for many years and have not figured it out. Are we playing speaker or speaker playing us?

7. dynamics and density are the shortcomings of most speakers

From the perspective of music lovers listening to music, there are three important factors that are the dynamics, density and resolution of the sound emitted by the system. The lack of dynamic equipment has already been lost in the first place. Note that dynamics cannot be solved at high volume. Sometimes the sound is too loud and the dynamics are not done well, and the sound is easily distorted, scattered and noisy; density is the most difficult to do When done, the texture of each note will come out, and the sound will be higher fidelity; the resolution is also important, it is difficult to hear the layering of the music if the resolution is not high; however, among the three factors, especially the density factor , Is indeed the most difficult part of the sound system, and it is also the key element for the sound level. The price of a system with a better density is doubled. As for other noble, sweet, bass shock and other factors, they are not systematic. Core point.

8. The power amplifier is the heart of a system

Many previous opinions are that the box is the mouthpiece, the most critical part of the system, and its importance is comparable to the heart. However, after years of practice, it has been found that the changes in the sound of the speakers are more in type, and at most sound effects. The difference, and the decisive factor for the spirit and connotation of the sound is precisely the power amplifier. If the sound of a set of power amplifiers is too strong, even if the quality of the speakers is poorer, the sound will be the same. Maybe the bass and treble ratios are different, but the harmonious connotation of music can still be heard with one ear.

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The above is a bit of jaskeyworld's view on purchasing audio. I hope it can help you choose your favorite audio, and I hope you can correct me.