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Magnetic levitation bluetooth speaker

  • Author:Cindy
  • Release Date:2021-10-06

Speaking of magnetic levitation, I believe most people will first think of a maglev train. In fact, in addition to the field of transportation, this technology has been applied in all aspects. Table lamps, washing machines, induction cookers, mice, bras, display stands, globes, etc. that are common in daily life have all released its "magnetic levitation" version. With every appearance, this technology can bring amazing sci-fi effects to the otherwise ordinary products.

Recently, this technology has shown itself in speaker manufacturing.

To put it simply, magnetic levitation is the principle of same-same repulsion of electromagnetic force, which makes two objects have a little distance from each other, but they are within a controllable range. The most important thing about magnetic levitation speakers is the speaker structure and magnetic levitation technology. The most fundamental reason for adopting this floating design is that this method can avoid displacement, sound loss and resonance problems caused by traditional Bluetooth speakers due to the sound cavity structure placed inside the whole body. Achieve true zero resonance and lossless sound quality.

Compared with traditional speakers, the stability of magnetic levitation speakers will be worse. The vibration of the base or suspended objects may affect its stable suspension state, causing the speaker to be sucked to the base, so it is not suitable for vehicles.

There are not a few magnetic levitation speakers on the market. In fact, magnetic levitation speakers have attracted a lot of attention last year. Nowadays, there are also spherical suspensions, and there are also flying saucers. Basically, you can buy one for about 500 yuan. The structure is all spherical sounding body. The pie-shaped base is shoddy and inferior in sound quality, which is almost like a children's toy.

Super gravitation, a sound quality revolution of magnetic levitation speakers

Diagnosis report: The super-gravity magnetic levitation Bluetooth speaker adopts a flying saucer-shaped levitation design. Based on the magnetic levitation technology, the sound cavity structure is innovatively placed on the suspension. It is worth mentioning that the permanent magnet at the bottom of the super-gravity magnetic levitation Bluetooth speaker can be adsorbed at will Iron-containing objects, which means that the concept and aesthetics of "super gravitation" can also be developed by users to develop more gameplay and exciting.

In terms of sound quality, the team invited acoustic experts from Nanjing University to participate in the design of the sound cavity structure, and made dozens of drafts to adjust the frequency bands. In the end, the flatness, distortion and loudness of the frequency bands that are most suitable for the human ear were achieved. The optimal solution was then handed over to the industrial design of the sound cavity structure. Super-gravity abandoned many things other than speakers, and completely separated the super-gravity magnetic levitation bluetooth speaker and "good products with multiple functions". The road has gone to the end. In actual use, the bass is no noise, the midrange is stable, and the treble is clear, plus the zero resonance panoramic sound effect, which can fully meet the needs of ordinary home users.

Magnetic levitation technology is not a particularly new technology, but it is still an area that needs to be cultivated. Magnetic levitation can solve some of the unavoidable problems of traditional speakers. The speakers can avoid direct contact with objects through levitation, and there will be no resonance, no sound loss and displacement. Sometimes we hear bad speakers when there is resonance. , The sound is lost, and it will jitter. In this case, magnetic levitation technology can solve this problem.

In addition, magnetic levitation is a good form of expression, but it is not widely used in civilian products. Apart from maglev trains and technological displays, there are few functional products. We will still wait for better magnetic levitation products.