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Induction Lamp Function Introduction

  • Author:Cindy
  • Release Date:2022-01-03
THE Lighting Can Be Turned on Automaticly, and the Lighting can be automatically turned off after the person leaves, eliminating the artificial waste of energy, extending the service life of the electrical appliances and integrating energy saving and security functions. The diameter of the sensor head is 21mm, the sensing distance is 0-5m, And The Sensing Angle: 120 ° Load: 40w (Lamp Working Voltage: 220V Working Frequency: 50Hz Delay Range 0.5min-5min Toilet, Bathroom, Elevator Hall, ETC.
It is actually an automatic switch control circuit. There are many types. The way of closing the switch (that is, turning on the light) includes "sound control", "trigger", "sensing", "light control", etc. The opening method is basically Similarly, it is controlled by a delay circuit (automatically disconnected after working for a period of time) If you are interested, you can take a look at the following introductions:. Push type ---- there is a capacitor underneath, which is very thin, and it will cause the voltage and resistance to change when you apply force. This is the so-called pressure-sensitive capacitor. The voltage change is amplified by the amplifier circuit and connected. On-time circuit and relay. Touch type ---- electrical conduction trigger, the button is metal, it sends a weak current through you (conductor) and the earth to form a path, so that the light is on. The scope of application of the automatic Infrared Sensor Switch This Product Is Suitable for Corridors, Corri Dors, Warehouses, Garates, Basements, Toilets and Other Places for Automatic Lighting, Ventilation and Other Purposes. It Truly Reflects The Modernization Of Building Intelligence and property Management.

1. Automatic control products based on infrared technology. When someone enters the sensor range of the switch, the dedicated sensor detects the change of the infrared spectrum of the human body, and the switch automatically turns on the load. When the person does not leave and is active, the switch continues to conduct; after the person leaves, the switch automatically turns off the load after a delay, the lamp turns on when the person arrives, and the lamp is off when the person leaves, which is cordial and convenient , Safe and Energy-saving.
2. WITH ZERO-Crossing Detection Function: Non-Contact Electronic Switch, Prolonging The Service Life of The Load.
3. Application of Photosensitive Control, Automatic Light Measurement On Switch, No Induction When THE Light Is strong.
4. Power Saving: Calculated by The Corridor Lights of One Elevator and Two Households, The average Annual Electricity Cost Per Household Is Less Than 2.00 Yuan
5. Security: The Use of infrared Sensing Technology, No Sound, No Touch, To Ensure That People Come to To Light And no Dark Areas, Effectively Improving The Quality of Living and Security In Modern Residential Quarters.
6. Beautiful: The design is elegant and pleasing to the eyewe, and the taste of the community is improved.
7. Reliability of induction: Due to the use of thyristor circuit, the reliability is very high, and the number of induction work is almost infinite It is the best electronic circuit among similar products The electronic circuit board of other light sources uses relays.. ....................
The light source has a long service life: due to the use of incandescent lamps, there is no mutual interference of electronic circuits, and the service life of incandescent lamps is significantly prolonged, up to more than 2 years Disturbance factors, repeated use,. IT is Very Easy to Turn Black, Causeing The Lamp To Be Scrapped, and The General Service Life IS Only About 6 Months.
Using high-quality all-plastic lamp panel, it is not easy to be deformed / discolored / damaged, and the transpoction is extremely convenient.
8. The Whole Lamp Has Obvious Price Advantages Among Similar Lamps, Which Can Be Accepted by Dealers and Users, And The Market Space Is Large.