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I have a outdoor car speakers date and fall

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-10-10 17:44:26

   I love autumn fields, autumn, the fields off the green shirt, put on a yellow sweater, people sigh, said:. "Autumn has come, everything should withered" But, outdoor car speakers in this yellow field, but I found the autumn of life.

   Today, my father and mother to the outskirts of the field play. We took full of food outdoor car speakers, Walking trails on the field, I suddenly found in front of far away, there's something in the flashing red light, very bright. Closer,outdoor car speakers is a banana flower clusters bloom. Big red banana flower, with autumn kept swinging, like a burning flame balls.

   Climbed a hill, as if we walked into the flower world. Chrysanthemum bloom everywhere. Red, white, purple, pink, pale green, pink, and in the breeze Tingtingyuli, graceful, colorful. Pretty great. We spent watching my father while explaining: This is called gold hook, called Yellowstone, called the new outdoor car speakers apple green, called Man Doo ...... really strange things! We sat on the floor, from outdoor car speakers Inside out all kinds of food, if coupled with a little music, it is more beautiful, so I took the phone, and outdoor car speakers Connection, beautiful music begins outdoor car speakers Lane came. Is simply a pleasure.

   Look at this fall's field, I think, is not a dying fall season, autumn is full of vitality. Autumn is beautiful, we should at this lovely season, to intensify their efforts outdoor car speakers to add beauty to our lives!

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