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How to use the infrared forehead thermometer gun ?

2020-04-03 17:41:38
People with babies at home usually have an ear thermometer or forehead thermometer, but when many people just bought it, they do n’t know how to use it. Today I would like to share with you how to use the forehead thermometer, hoping to help everyone.
1.Whether it is a forehead thermometer or an ear thermometer, you must first install the battery; this year, it is still less charged, after all, it is not used much;
2.Many forehead guns are just one button. Many of these buttons are on / off and measurement keys. If your forehead gun only has this button, then there is nothing to teach, just click here, and then aim at the blank. Forehead, you can click to take a measurement;

3.If your forehead thermometer gun is the same as ours, and there are other keys next to it, we will share with you how to use these three keys; we will code the three keys as 1, 2, 3;

4.When we press the 1 key, a small speaker icon will be displayed on the screen, indicating that the sound will be broadcast; pressing again will show "OFF", which means that the sound is turned off; the 1 key is this function;

5.We press the 2 key, and we will find that the screen displays memory 1, memory 2, etc. When we have not used this function, we press the memory number, and then measure it, we will remember a few forehead thermometers, and we can come here again View
forehead thermometer
6.We press the 3 key, we can find that the "body temperature" of the screen is adjusted to "object temperature", and then press it again to jump back to the "body temperature". The function of the 3 key is this, we must know before we measure Exactly what to measure.

pay attention:
When measuring, just align the hole with the forehead 1mm, and then press the power button.
No need to shut down, just leave it for a few seconds and it will shut down automatically