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How to use Cell phone Sterilizer?

Smartphones are the most personal technology products. We will take it with us to transport, and then we will take it to sleep; we will take it to the bathroom to work together, and then we will take it to the dining table to operate. Really never miss your hand. Everyday life makes smartphones full of dust, dirt, bacteria, and viruses. If you don't clean them carefully, the most direct damage will be our facial skin, stomach and baby (if any).
Some foreign media even took their smartphones to the evolution laboratory for testing and found that the bacteria content of the mobile phone is three times higher than that of the toilet board in the home!
-It is a habit of many friends to bring a mobile phone to the bathroom.
-Usually eat snacks or eat while playing mobile phone, vegetable juice left on the machine surface to allow bacteria to breed.
PhoneSoap from the United States is a successful crowdfunding scheme at Kickstarter in early 2012. It is the world's first smart life technology product that disinfects and sterilizes mobile phones with ultraviolet light.

After the first generation of PhoneSoap was successfully produced and launched on the market, in addition to user support, it attracted much attention and curiosity from foreign media, and tested its effectiveness in different forms. The results of the bacteria experiment are the most convincing:
PhoneSoap comparison seed experiment:
Cell phone Sterilizer
In the comparative seed experiment, the laboratory researchers first sterilized one of the two mobile phones in PhoneSoap, and left the other side aside for no treatment. Then, use a cotton swab to smear the surfaces of the two phones and transfer them to a seed culture dish.
Cell phone Sterilizer
After 48 hours, the researchers found a large number of bacteria on the Petri dish corresponding to no mobile phone treatment (top left).
The Petri dish (bottom right) corresponding to PhoneSoap-Cell phone Sterilizer is almost completely free of bacteria.
After completing the experiment, the researchers rated PhoneSoap as: "It ’s Effective!"
Cell phone Sterilizer
The usage is very simple, as long as the phone is put in and the cover is closed, the small lightning lamp on the box will light up immediately, indicating that ultraviolet light disinfection is in progress. 99.99% of the bacteria have been removed and the entire process takes about ten minutes.
Cell phone Sterilizer
In addition, it has a built-in mobile phone charging function, and the body is equipped with a USB-A and a USB-C plug, which are compatible with both Android and iPhone phones. In other words, every day when you put your phone in before going to bed, you get a clean and fully charged phone when you wake up.

Although we have been with the bacteria for so many years, we have not worn it out, but there is a technological product in the world that allows us to spend no extra time and no extra steps at all, so that we can get up every time we have a clean phone waiting for me.

In recent years, many people have talked about Aesthetic living, and respected the importance of improving the quality of life, happiness and satisfaction by focusing on the beauty of life details, so let our Aesthetic living begin with the use of Cell phone Sterilizer boxes.