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How to play fever stereo right

Emily 2020-10-06 12:01:27

Some people stereo more play more expensive, some people stereo more play more boring, how to play fever stereo right?

1, Must be able to let you hear the music expression

Many people think that I only want clear music, which is only half right. What I want is that you can hear the expression of the music under clear music. This expression comes from the composer or performer. If the music is expressionless, there is no way to show what the composer wants to express, such as happiness, sadness, and joy. If the sound system broadcasts such music, it will only make you look like a drama, but the performer is The masked person is dull and tasteless.

2, can let you do long listening

The human body has a very subtle sensory mechanism. When it encounters an uncomfortable sound, it will actively escape or leave, but in such a stimulating environment, when such a mechanism sends out signals, you may not feel it. Fortunately, if you listen for a long time, you can still know the bad feeling. The beginning of the music is soft and comfortable, and it should be like this during playback. If a sound system is listening for a period of time, 20 minutes or two hours, it should be the moment you turn it off. There is also a comfortable feeling. At the moment of turning off, your body tells you: Finally turned off, is it reminding you that there is a problem with the sound?

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3. The music must be dynamic and static

The dynamics should be large, which is certain. Generally speaking, it is better to perform when the dynamics are large, but on the other side of the dynamics, the quiet sections are less performant. When there are slow, soft passages in the song, you must be able to appreciate the beauty of this part. The small changes are the beauty of the music. Someone gave him a word called "microdynamics". thing. With a good system of micro-dynamic performance, you can hear the tacit understanding between the ensemble, and you can also hear the delicate movements of the violinist in a section where the bow is drawn. A system that can perform very well with micro dynamics, and generally performs well with large dynamics, but it may not necessarily be able to play at a large volume.

4. The speaker system must be acceptable to the family

No matter the configuration, cost, choice of machine, or the volume you turn on, it must be acceptable to your family. In such a system, family members can listen to music together, or they can turn on the machine alone and listen to the music they want to listen to. Both adults and children like such equipment.

It is very important to integrate music into your life. You will not be comfortable in the sound room while your family looks at you in a strange way.

5. Are you moved by the music?

Think about when you were moved by music recently? When I was a student? I started to touch audio and disappeared? That's very serious. What moved me recently is Dupre’s Elga Violin Concerto. I can’t pay attention to this piece. After listening carefully, my heart will be twisted together and I will be very sad. There is also the Beethoven violin sonata of Kempff and Manuel, the second movement of "Spring". This violin is so beautiful that I can't help but want to listen to it a few more times. Which music have you been moved by recently?

6, Does it sound like a real instrument

Many musical instruments really need to be listened to by their own texture. They are like bassoons, which have an extremely warm sound, French horns, which are like metal horns with a purring mouth, and oboe, do they sound like ducks. ? Clarinet, the sound is loud and sorrowful, these instruments only sound like the real thing. Needless to say, piano and violin, there are many of these two instruments beside me, and I can hear them with just a little effort. There is also a trumpet that is easy to hear. You need to be able to hear the metal texture of the trumpet. De Fozak’s Symphony No. 8. At the beginning of the fourth movement, there is a whistling horn.

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7, Will you buy the original film?

This is what a new friend told me. He found that it is quite cost-effective to spend 300 yuan on a CD, because the happiness brought is more than 300 yuan. If you have always felt that music software does not need to spend money, just copy it. Does it also mean that your system cannot play the effect of a music software, making you feel that the software is worthless, then it is hardware in the end Not valuable? Or software?

8, make you feel back to the scene

Especially music, it is easy for us to think of the good experiences and beautiful situations in the past. Do you like the feeling of the scene? I think most people like it. It is very difficult and very difficult for a good system to replay the scene completely. I lowered the standard. As long as you can think of live music frequently, it is a good equipment.

9, forget the existence of audio equipment

It’s like reading a book. A good plot will keep you curled up. You can skip eating and sleeping. You just want to finish reading the book. The audio equipment should do the same. You don’t have to think about cables and position, especially if you always want to. Changing to high-priced equipment allows you to listen to music well, forget it, and always listen to music well.