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How to distribute dancing speaker power?

James http://www.jaskeyworld.com/ 2017-07-01 12:00:01

1. Power distribution of the dancing speaker

For the dancing speaker drive, the pre-frequency division method can be used, or the power division method can be used. In order to ensure the rationality and reliability of the speaker system in the hall, special treatment must be done in the grouping and wiring technology of power distribution.

In large halls, in order to make the dancing speaker system have a better sense of orientation, it is best to enable the audience to "see" the dancing speaker, so that the visual and auditory orientations are basically the same, because for hearing, the sense of horizontal orientation is more sensitive, while the sense of vertical It's relatively late.

If an appropriate delay is inserted into the dancing speaker and the Haas effect is used to move the sound image down, so that the dancing speaker and the sound source are more aligned, the listening effect will be more improved.

At this time, it should be grouped appropriately according to the power, impedance , and quantity of the selected speakers, and connected with the power distribution board after necessary parallel and series processing.

2. Return listening system and required power

The back-to-listening system is a sound system specially built to solve the hearing problems of actors and bands on stage. During the performance, the actors and the band are located behind the main sound field dancing speaker. If they cannot hear their own sound effects, they cannot find the performance feeling. Therefore, for the dancing speaker of theaters and dance halls, in addition to the main sound field sound system , The listening system is also essential.

In addition, when the sound system of the main sound field fails, the return listening system can also be used as an emergency sound system to avoid a cold field situation. Under normal circumstances, the power of the return listening system is 20% of the power of the dancing speaker.

dancing light speaker

3. Monitoring system and required power

The monitoring system is a sound system specially established to solve the problem of hearing sense of control room sound operators. During the performance, the main speaker is located in the main sound field that is insulated from the control room. The audio operator cannot directly hear the sound effect of the dancing speaker and the situation of their own tuning, so they cannot work.

Therefore, a set of monitoring system synchronized with the main sound field must be installed in the control room to help audio operators understand the sound effects of the dancing speaker so that they can be tuned at any time. Therefore, the monitoring system is also indispensable for the sound system of various halls.

Under normal circumstances, the power of the monitor system is 10% of the power of the main sound field. For example, if the dancing speaker power is 2000w, then the monitor system power can be 200w. In the monitor system, in order to monitor the sound effect without distortion, the power of the monitor amplifier can be equal to the power of the monitor speakers.