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How to choose wireless bluetooth headphones?

  • Author:Emily
  • Release Date:2021-07-21
Music has always given people a very good feeling. As a music poisoning patient, we especially love high-quality music equipment. Good music should be equipped with good equipment. As we all know, the most comfortable music device at present should be wireless bluetooth headphones. Some in-ear headphones will have ear pain, especially over time, it will be very uncomfortable, while wireless bluetooth headphones will not give people this feeling. So, what are the reasons for choosing wireless bluetooth headphones?

1. Large drive unit

The headphone drive unit can be said to be the most important part of the headphone, and it often directly determines the sound quality of the headphone. Generally speaking, the headphone drive unit is divided into a moving coil unit, a moving iron unit, and an electrostatic unit. Acousticly speaking, the working principle of the moving coil unit is similar to the dynamic speaker. The driving unit can basically be said to be a small moving coil speaker, which is composed of a cylindrical enameled coil wound in a permanent magnetic field and a vibration The diaphragm is connected, the coil drives the diaphragm to vibrate under the signal current drive, and the diaphragm vibrates to produce sound.
Generally speaking, the larger the drive unit, the clearer the sound field level, the richer the sound content that can be transmitted, and the better the listening experience. In most cases, the large drive unit usually has a wider frequency response range. The sound quality is also better.

wireless bluetooth headphones
Second, the wearing comfort is stronger
For those who like to listen to music for a long time, not only should pay attention to the sound quality and portability, but also the comfort. Some people’s ears are inherently unsuitable for wearing earplugs, and wireless bluetooth headphones solves many people’s problems to a great extent.
And in terms of effect, small earplugs tightly cover the ears to block the infiltration of external noise, of course, is not enough. And wireless bluetooth headphones can just create this kind of environment for us, and can capture more unprecedented beautiful details, making us as if we are in the music scene, and every note jumps within your reach.

Three, the matching effect is better
Usually at home, it also needs to be matched with other equipment. Compared with portable earplugs, wireless bluetooth headphones are more suitable for home use. A pair of wireless bluetooth headphones can create a more three-dimensional and diversified sound background for you, that is, an immersive experience. This is not only reflected in watching movies, but also playing games.
The feeling of wireless bluetooth headphones is completely different from that of earplugs. In many ways, it is more suitable for enjoying music. Although inferior to earplugs in portability, other advantages are also obvious.

wireless bluetooth headphones