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How to choose wireless Bluetooth speakers home theater music system sound?

  • Author:jaskey
  • Release Date:2021-01-08

The home theater music system sound of wireless bluetooth speakers is installed in any room in the room, including the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, study, and balcony. The music controller is installed, and high-fidelity stereo music is transmitted to each through one or more sound sources. In the room, you can select the sound source and independently control the volume of wireless bluetooth speakers for each room according to your needs, so the functions are all operated on the panel and remote control, so that every room can hear wonderful music.

wireless bluetooth speakers

In star-rated luxury hotels, wireless bluetooth speakers music has long been integrated into the interior decoration system. The lobby, corridors, restaurants, etc., background music is like an invisible stream, gurgling and ubiquitous, providing guests with wonderful enjoyment, but also showing the elegance and comfort of the hotel . In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, more and more attention has been paid to the comfort and cultural taste of home decoration. Wireless bluetooth speakers music has gradually become a new element of home decoration and has increasingly become one of the indispensable configurations of home decoration.

At present, there are many manufacturers of family wireless bluetooth speakers home theater music. How to choose products that are suitable for you and cost-effective according to your own conditions requires us to analyze and understand the products of this industry and its supporting products. A complete family wireless bluetooth speakers home theater music system should include three parts:

1. Audio source part

Two, the controller part

Third, the speaker part

The sound source part is the source of the sound, which can be simply understood as the carrier for recording the sound. The wireless bluetooth speakers home theater music system can freely choose the sound source. Computer, TV, MP3, MP4, MP5, all can be used as the sound source, and there are 6 sound sources when you turn right , 2 public audio sources (wiring input) and 4 local audio sources (built-in FM + built-in 1G memory + external SD card + USB). The controller part of the wireless bluetooth speakers home theater music controller system is divided into two types: host type and split type.

wireless bluetooth speakers

1. The composition of the equipment is different; the central wireless bluetooth speakers home theater music system composition: a central host, each zone controller, remote control, speakers. Split family background music composition: each zone controller, remote control, speakers.

2. Different sound sources: The central main unit integrates various sound sources and sends them to the control panel of each sound zone. The split type is to directly concentrate the sound sources on each zone controller.

3. Different functions: the main function of the central type is on the host, and the functions on the partition panel only control the volume of the partition's audio source and sound effect. Each partition controller of the split type is equivalent to integrating the central function into the partition controller. The main function All on the partition controller.

4. The power is different: the central power is relatively large, and the split power is relatively small.  

5. Energy saving and environmental protection are different: the central power consumption is relatively large, and the louder volume is bound to cause noise to the neighbors. The split type, the power is small, and the power consumption is also small.

6. Different flexibility: the central type has to turn on the main unit every time each sound zone is turned on to listen to music. The relative flexibility is poor. The split type controls the power switch separately for each sound zone, the sound source is selected, and the zone controller is turned on to listen. Music, flexibility is better.  

7. Different price/performance ratio: The central type is expensive, generally at least four or five times higher than the split type products of the same grade. The split type is moderately priced, in line with the concept of mass consumption.