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How to choose a good bluetooth speaker

2020-02-21 21:15:04
As others have answered, good and sound are a matter of taste, although many usually agree on what sounds better or worse for high quality good bluetooth speaker.

Also, you do not describe what kind of good bluetooth speaker or what purpose you are choosing these for, so I will assume they are for HiFi use.

This is how I choose what I consider to be good sounding HiFi speakers. I take several recordings (usually copied onto a single CD) of the highest quality sounds that I am very familiar with and want to use as test material. Usually pieces of music that might have good challenging highs(cymbals) and lows (cathedral organ), accurate human voice, both male and female, and some with very accurate instrumental recordings that capture their timbral nuances.
good bluetooth speaker
Make sure the good bluetooth speakers are optimally position (as optimally as possible) in the listening environment and with reasonable playback equipment. I then take as much time as I need to critically listen to the recordings,specifically listening for accuracy, distortions or anomalies as well as pleasing sounds.
If they sound good to me with minimal distortion and with a pleasing sound, then I pick one or more of the pieces of music I want to listen to and listen to the whole piece to see how involved I become in the music itself. Basically testing its accuracy and pleasing sound reproduction as well as its musicality.