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How to choose a good quality bluetooth speaker

TheBluetooth speaker has swept the entire audio market with its lightning speed.With the fierce competition in the Bluetooth speaker market, variousdi...

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How to choose a good quality bluetooth speaker

TheBluetooth speaker has swept the entire audio market with its lightning speed.With the fierce competition in the Bluetooth speaker market, variousdifferentiated products have also emerged, and market refinement is aninevitable trend. For the no-application direction, there are roughly threetypes of Bluetooth speakers: portable Bluetooth speakers, outdoor Bluetoothspeakers, and home Bluetooth speakers.

How to choose ahigh-quality Bluetooth speaker? In fact, as long as you choose from thefollowing aspects, you can find a Bluetooth speaker that you are satisfiedwith.

First,The Sound Quality

The two-channelspeaker unit is superior to the mono speaker in both the audio structure andthe physical cavity. Good sound quality has higher requirements for speakers.Due to the structure of the sound chamber, small single-tube speakers generallycannot achieve good sound quality.

Any speaker, youneed to listen to its sound when you buy it. If a speaker can achieve a strongsense of balance in each frequency band, it does not dry up; the high frequencyis clear and transparent, the mid-frequency vocal expression is real and warm,and the low frequency is powerful and powerful. Then she can interpret anymusic with any music.

Second,The Function       

Of course, theBluetooth speaker has to look at the Bluetooth version. Currently, the commonBluetooth versions on the market are 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0. The high versionis backward compatible. Bluetooth version 2.0 and 2.1 have a transmission rateof more than 2 Mbps. The latest 3.0 and 4.0 versions have significantlyincreased the transmission rate to over 24 Mbps and the transmission distanceis up to 60 meters. The higher the Bluetooth version, the faster the receivingrate, the farther the transmission distance is, the smaller the powerconsumption of the speaker is, and the better the sound quality of the speakerwill be. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy a high version of theBluetooth speaker. If the version is too low, it is easy for the music to beintermittent.

Some outdoorBluetooth speakers have three anti-functions, which is also a very goodfeature. In fact, such a function is equally applicable to any place. A durablespeaker I believe everyone will like it. Therefore, it is recommended to referto this when purchasing.

Third,Battery life

Any electronicproduct is the same, the longer the battery life, the better. Under normal use,the Bluetooth speaker has a battery life of at least 8 hours. Here you need topay attention to the battery capacity, battery capacity = use time × devicepower ÷ battery voltage, so the larger the capacity, the longer the batterylife. In the case of two-channel speakers, their power is concentrated between4 and 8W. If you want to achieve the ideal playback time, the battery capacityshould reach 1500mAh or more.


This is forportable Bluetooth speakers and outdoor speakers. It is not the smaller thevolume, the easier it is to carry. Choosing a portable speaker also depends onthe comfort of the speaker, and it needs to be portable under allcircumstances. At this point, the sleek form is stronger than the square form.


A good bluetoothspeaker must be exquisite in materials and exquisite craftsmanship. There are alot of shoddy Bluetooth speakers on the market, not only the quality inspectionbut also the people. For example, many paints contain lead exceeding the standard,and these materials will affect people's health without knowing it. Therefore,you should see the quality inspection certificate when purchasing. For theproduct process, you need to observe the details of the speaker, such as theregularity of the edge of the button, the fineness of the mold line, the feelof the material, etc. The exquisite product process can be seen through carefulobservation.