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How to burn headphones, or need to burn no noise headphones

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-10-15 21:17:29

  In order to better enjoy high quality music, much earlier so that we no noise headphonesPerformance play out in life a lot like the songs have a friend like headphones headset pot habit, no noise headphones and this time, many of my friends will have such a doubt, no noise headphones or need to burn in the end what?

  This problem is the focus of controversy in many places, in fact, I have been personally do not favor any intention to burn a pair of no noise headphones, as well, then just let it burn faster into the state, the original need a month to enter the state, but if pot is not good, no noise headphones is possible to shorten the life of the no noise headphones even headphones will produce permanent physical damage, such as careless of power overload, the amplitude is too large diaphragms are shot and so on, I found someone had time to burn sawolol no noise headphones, Since the amplitude is too large voice coil wire fixed glue disengaged pops impact arising from the diaphragm. So I think let headphone listening, and slowly entered the state is better, but this feeling no noise headphones Sound is also a slow process of change fever fun when you finally get a new model with no noise headphones and compare their own headphones, you will find the sound quality change so much.
no noise headphones Headphone diaphragm andSpeakersLike speakers, there will be life, but the amplitude is small earphone diaphragm, diaphragm amplitude is much smaller than the speaker, so life much longer. If you want a quick burn, prolonged power to drive headphones will certainly shorten the life of the headset, if the burn improperly, is likely to be the headphones produce irreparable physical damage, and that time may a rude awakening!

  So, I still recommend inexperienced headphone enthusiasts, or let it slowly into the state bar, anxious not to eat hot tofu, slowly listening, his love machineSoundSlowly changing, and more wonderful!