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How Bluetooth speakers work

Ordinary portable Bluetooth speakers obtain audio signal sources directly through 3.5mm audio plugs, then amplify the audio signals through the internal amplification circuit and then push the speaker to sound. Now connect the audio output of the Bluetooth headset to the 3.5mm plug of the portable speaker in parallel, so that the mobile phone can send audio information to the Bluetooth headset through Bluetooth, and the speaker can amplify the audio signal sent by the Bluetooth headset to achieve the purpose of sound amplification.

Material tools:

Portable speakers, Bluetooth headsets, electric irons, hot melt adhesives, etc.

step one

Disassemble the Bluetooth headset to obtain the audio receiving module

First of all, we need to disassemble the Bluetooth headset to obtain the acceptance module, and chose the Nokia BH-N95 Bluetooth headset that has been abandoned for a long time. Since the Bluetooth headset shell is not fixed with screws, directly insert the nail into the gap of the headset shell and gently break it to open it. If the headset has been discarded and the plastic casing is tightly connected, the Bluetooth headset circuit board can be obtained by violent means during disassembly.

Step two

Disassemble the speaker

Next, we need to disassemble the remodeled portable speaker and place the Bluetooth receiver module, taking the modern H25 speaker as an example for disassembly. First insert the utility knife blade into the button frame on the right side of Hyundai H25, and pry it up gently. After prying out a certain space, then hold it up and drag it upwards, so that you can see the two screws hidden underneath. Remove the speaker mask in the same way. After unscrewing the eight screws under the mask, the entire speaker is completely disassembled.

Step three

Connect a Bluetooth headset to the input of the speaker

Now we need to solder the audio output of the Bluetooth headset receiver module to the audio input plug of the speaker. The specific method is to use a thin enameled wire to connect the left and right channel wires and the ground wire of the Bluetooth headset output and the audio input of the portable speaker (note Do not connect the audio cable wrong, red and green are the left and right channel lines, and yellow is the ground line). Then connect the power cord of the Bluetooth headset to the lithium battery of the portable speaker with a wire, so that the power of the Bluetooth headset is provided by the battery of the speaker.

Step four

Fix the Bluetooth module and assemble the speaker

Through observation, it was found that there was an empty space next to the speaker speaker just to put down the Bluetooth module, so fix it on the inner wall of the speaker with hot melt adhesive. In order to enhance the signal reception of the Bluetooth module, the infrared receiver head should face the outside of the speaker.

Finally, follow the reverse steps to assemble the speaker. Turn on the power, at this time, the power indicator of the Bluetooth headset and the portable speaker lights up at the same time, and first press the H25 MODE key to adjust to the audio input mode. Open the Bluetooth search of the mobile phone and pair with the Bluetooth module. After the Bluetooth pairing is completed, the music is played when the mobile phone is in the Bluetooth mode, and you can enjoy your own special Bluetooth portable speaker effect.