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Hot-selling Mosquito Killer Lamp

2021-09-07 14:00:34
It is so happy to recommend you to use our high-tech products.

The utility model USB Mosquito Killer Lamp comprises a lamp shell, a metal wire, an ultraviolet fluorescent tube, a safety guardrail, a base, a power cord, and a USB connector;  Base top is equipped with the lamp shell, set up a safety barrier lamp shell periphery, lamp shell round set metal wire, metal wire for equidistance parallel arrangement of cylinder, uv fluorescent tube set in the metal wires are placed on both ends of the cylinder type, the power cord end connected to the metal wire and uv fluorescent tube, the other end is connected to a USB connector, the utility model has small volume, less consumption,  It is convenient to use, simple to operate, practical and so on. USB interface power supply is adopted instead of external power supply, which has great promotion value.

Mosquito Killer Lamp have simple structure, low price, beautiful, small size, power consumption and other characteristics.  
1, Mosquito Killer Lamp imported luminous, mosquitoes in any direction can be induced, high killing rate, large range,  
2. The smell of carbon dioxide produced by the simulates human breathing. Our Mosquito Killer Lamp has a strong mosquito trapping effect, high mosquito killing efficiency, no pollution, and outstanding environmental protection.  
3.Mosquito Killer Lamp makes the sex pheromone released by the captured live mosquitoes induce the same species to gather together, continuously trap and kill thoroughly.  
4, mosquitoes are dried or natural death, no smell out, easy to constantly trap mosquitoes, which is also the advantage of Mosquito Killer Lamp  
5,Mosquito Killer Lamp is the biggest feature with anti-mosquito escape device (anti-escape shutter), power off automatically, mosquitoes will never come out, natural dehydration death.  

Such a thoughtful Mosquito Killer Lamp product, whether you fall in love with it?