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Hot popular national sport bluetooth headphones wireless earbuds

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-10-20 20:56:41

  Beijing, at 1:00 on September 10, bluetooth headphones wireless earbudsApple conference was officially launched, iphone 6 and apple watch finally unveiled. As Apple's first wearable device, apple watch to give us some surprises, bluetooth headphones wireless earbuds with the heat of popular national sport, sports wear worn equipment, particularly equipment much consumers & nbsp; favorite.

  Jake has been focusing on the development of wearable bluetooth headphones wireless earbuds products, bluetooth headphones wireless earbuds, The high-tech implants commonly worn daily, so that you feel warm while enjoying live music anytime, anywhere.

To use a bluetooth headphones wireless earbuds, it must be paired with a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone. After turning on the Bluetooth headset, you will hear a voice prompt, then turn on the Bluetooth of the phone,

Then search for available bluetooth headphones wireless earbuds devices. After searching for the bluetooth headphones wireless earbuds device, you will be prompted to enter the pairing password. Generally, bluetooth headphones wireless earbuds the initial password is 0000. After entering, the bluetooth headphones wireless earbuds and mobile phone can be successfully paired. Ways to answer the phone.