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History of mini bluetooth headphones

  • Author:Emily
  • Release Date:2020-09-01

Beyerdynamic is the oldest mini bluetooth headphones company. It was first founded in 1924.Beyerdynamic's headsets are prefixed with DT in front of the model number. What does this mean?It turns out that DT is Dynamic Telephone, the abbreviation of "Power Telephone".When DT48 was first invented, the word "headphone" did not exist. Mr. Baia called his invention "power phone", and the letter combination DT has been used all the time.

In 1924, a German scientist, Jugen Bayer, opened an electronics company in Berlin, specializing in the research and development of "dynamic transducers", and used relevant technologies in cinema speakers and others On similar equipment. At that time, the young Bayer had always had a dream, that is, how to deliver music to people's ears in its original form? So, he developed small speakers and fixed them on the curved hoop, so the world's first mini bluetooth headphoneswas born up.

mini bluetooth headphones

At first, people thought the mini bluetooth headphones was a monster.

On August 18, 1937, Bayer invited his friends to listen to the opera "Aida" in the fever room in Berlin. But when my friend came to the fever room, he saw only the record player, but no amplifier and speakers. Beside the record player, there was a metal arc-shaped monster lying quietly, with earmuffs on each end of the monster. Of course, you and I know that it is a mini bluetooth headphonet. But to the people at the time, it was a UFO. Moreover, it can also sing.

In this historic day, people witnessed the birth of Beyerdynamic DT48 mini bluetooth headphones, and created a world record, making a global sensation!

What is even more surprising is that the bandwidth of the DT48 headset has reached the impressive specification of 16Hz to 20kHz. In terms of technical conditions in the 1930s, this indicator is simply unimaginable. The DT48 headset was called Berlin at the time. Because of its amazing frequency response and analysis, the German intelligence services and Gestapo even used it to detect sounds that other headsets could not distinguish, and obtained a lot of valuable intelligence.

mini bluetooth headphones

In 1950, Beyerdynamic launched the world's first stereo mini bluetooth headphones-DT48S, which once again made a sensation in the world and led the pack.

What's more interesting is that today, more than 60 years later, Beyerdynamic still produces DT48 series earphones, only using more advanced materials. This can be regarded as the longest-selling headset in the world.