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Good Bluetooth speakers have these factors, Bluetooth speaker manufacturers experience

2020-05-09 17:51:35

To judge the sound quality of a Good Bluetooth speaker, at least the following points need to be met:

1. Listen to the details

For those of you who are really knowledgeable and professional-level, generally they attach great importance to listening to some subtle sounds when trying out Good Bluetooth speakers.

A good sound is not as loud as possible, it can even let you hear more things, such as musical instruments, sound field, etc.

2. Listening attention level

Some friends should have heard the performance of large bands. In fact, we can find that the sounds of various musical instruments come from different positions on the stage, and the sound field is not messy. This is the sense of hierarchy. In addition to being able to hear the sense of flatness in front, back, left, and right, it also needs to hear the sense of three-dimensional space above and below, so the level of a Good Bluetooth speaker changes, the stronger this sense of hierarchy.

3. Pay attention to feelings

A Good Bluetooth speaker can make you like music more, because it sounds sweet when playing, it can be said that you are willing to listen more for a while. And even if it is some dynamic sound, it is impossible to be a good Bluetooth speaker, it can give you better enjoyment, so you can also judge the sound quality according to your own feelings.

In general, the sound quality of a Good Bluetooth speaker equipment should be like a good voice and good listening.

However, looking at the many brands of speakers on the market today, it can truly be "100-listen" and "non-listening". I think this Jaskey Good Bluetooth speaker should become one of the first choices.

Good Bluetooth speaker

It is the Good Bluetooth speaker that I have used on the market at present, and it is the most comprehensive Good Bluetooth speaker in terms of appearance, portability and sound quality.

Regarding this, friends who have used it are welcome to verify, and I will be responsible for my answer!

The reason why I recommend this Jaskey Good Bluetooth speaker is because:

Impeccable sound quality

1. High resolution

We all know that the melody of music is mainly concentrated in the high range. However, in view of the propagation mode of sound waves, the higher the sound wave frequency, the smaller the energy and the faster it disappears;

However, if the resolution of the speaker is not high and the subtle music signal cannot be accurately reproduced, and the high-frequency frequency range is insufficient, the timbre and melody will become chaotic and hazy, not to mention the charm.

Therefore, the frequency response range of a good sound quality Bluetooth speaker is required.

The response frequency of ordinary small speakers is generally 120Hz-10KHz. This frequency stage includes the sound performance of our daily use, but this frequency is not enough for instrumental music or some electronically synthesized music. Some people may say that in fact people Isn't the sound that the ear can hear the sound of these bands?

This is like, when you listen to the sound of the drum, do you only hear the drum sound? Wrong, you also feel the vibration frequency of the drum. Only then can you really feel which is the big drum and which is the snare drum. The same is true for the treble, why some sounds are crisp and sweet, but some are harsh. This is also the principle.

Acoustics experts all over the world are making active efforts to break through this upper and lower limit, even if it is a little bit higher, it will have to pay a great price, even the sky-high cost.

2. Make use of technological innovation to make up for the shortcomings of Good Bluetooth speakers in terms of music details

This is the "listening attention to detail" and "listening attention level" mentioned above.

Due to problems such as the limitation of the volume and the number of speakers, the current Good Bluetooth speakers often lose a lot of music details, which is also what many people feel: Why do some small speakers seem clean at first glance, but the listening time is long I found a lot of speaker details, basically the same as the sound played by the mobile phone, but the sound is louder.

The technology used by Jaskey's Good Bluetooth speakers picks up the sound performance of many well-known speakers, and analyzes to find the sound details they can provide when they restore the sound, so that these details can be realized on a small box such as King Kong 3 Good Bluetooth speakers. The Good Bluetooth speaker of the small box can also show a rich sense of fineness and super layering in terms of hearing.