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Frequency response curve of the animal speaker

  • Author:James
  • Source:http://www.jaskeyworld.com/
  • Release Date:2016-12-29

The "response" for the vertical coordinates of the two-dimensional coordinate drawing, and the different frequency point of response to the height (point) connected with the connection, because the response can not be the same size, so the connection will not Flat, but the curve, which is the frequency response curve.

Sound system or animal speaker products, the frequency response curve is required to straight?

A animal speaker in the 80 Hz curve near the more prominent, then it shows that the speaker for the 80 Hz band near the expressive force is too strong, if you play music, then the bass sound will feel heavy. Or a animal speaker curve in 1000 Hz near the depression, it shows that the speaker for the 1000 Hz near the band performance is weak, the incoming signal in the vicinity of 1000 Hz frequency range of the output sound pressure is reduced, out of the Sound is not the original.

How the flatness of the frequency response curve, that is, only the sound system or sound system for different bands of the sound signal gain difference. Curve the more straight, it shows the animal speaker or sound system, the gain of each band the closer the same. However, the animal speaker or the system for the input signal of the frequency band gain the same and not good to draw the equal sign. Because the same amount of gain is expressed only on the input signal in the sound of the band of the same amount of amplification, such as a system for all the audio frequency of the amount of gain is 30 dB, you give 1000 Hz sound, sound pressure level is 80 dB, the animal speaker of the 1000 Hz sound pressure level is 80 +30 = 110 dB. The sound pressure level of your 2000 Hz sound is 60 decibels, then the 2000 Hz sound level of theanimal speakers is 90 decibels. When you're not zoomed in, your 1000-Hz and 2000-Hz sound levels differ by 20 decibels. Then by the same amount of gain on each band of the system, issued by the speaker 1000 Hz sound and 2000 Hz sound pressure level is the same difference of 20 dB, formation remains unchanged. However, if your system is too large for a 1000 Hz gain (which is highlighted in the curve), it is not 30 dB but 40 dB, and that the gain for 2000 Hz is low (concave on the curve) instead of 30 dB Is 20 dB. Then you originally issued a 80 dB sound pressure level of 1000 Hz sound, through the system, it issued a 120 dB sound, and you originally issued a 60 dB 2000 Hz sound, through the system, it issued a 80 dB sound. After the system before the 1000 Hz and 2000 Hz sound pressure level difference is 20 dB, after the system after 1000 Hz and 2000 Hz sound pressure level difference becomes 40 dB, which is not the original difference, the team changed , Which is a distortion. So the frequency response curve is flat, only represents a animal speaker or a system for each band of sound volume performance is about the same, but in the sound quality has nothing to do.
animal speaker

First, the system in each band on the input signal for the amount of gain to be roughly the same (that is, the curve as straight as possible), so as to the original signal in each band of the sound size of the proportion of amplification to restore out, at least The strong to be strong, should not be strong weaker. Able to truly reflect the strength of the sound, and this be regarded as a good foundation. To be nice, more important is to make a fuss about the sound quality. Sound quality is not good, no matter how good the system is also showing poor sound. The sound quality is inherent in things, not just a straight curve problem. Curve straight, but the expression of the system to restore the volume. Then the sound quality of the reduction, is the ideal of things. For example, with Steinway piano recorded with the DPA microphone piano music, to completely restore the texture through the sound out, it is almost impossible. It's like listening to someone playing the violin next to you, and you listen to the same person playing the same violin music, even if you use a good sound, it will always sound different. This is the degree of sound reduction and sound field reduction degree of the problem, and these degree of reduction is not to say who can express the curve. And the level of sound quality, it depends on your materials, your craft, the designer's technical and artistic accomplishment have a great relationship.

Curve flat is the system or equipment on the input signal in the frequency of the intensity of the reduction of the high degree of reduction. As a sound, this is just a basic indicator, is also very important indicators. For example, a sound volume reduction degree of good sound system, the input source signal itself, high and low, and so the harmony of the various parts of the volume ratio, through the animal speaker to restore the natural sense of harmony.