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Four types of people are called Close contacts with COVID-19

-People often consult online: doctor, cough for more than ten days, and fever, body temperature of 37.3 degrees, is she infected? Ask her if she has contacted suspicious patients. She said she has n’t been out for a few days. There are more than one patient. Half of the people who consult each day are due to fear of coming to the clinic. The body temperature has not exceeded 37.3 ° (the temperature below the axis is 37.3 fever), and they have not contacted the suspicious patient. Through the door, the cough symptoms did not gradually increase. Such patients are basically not close contacts. For areas outside the key prevention and control areas, most of them are suspected to rule out infection.
-So what kind of people are close contacts? According to the "Guidelines for the Public Protection of Pneumonitis Infected by New Coronaviruses" prepared by the Chinese Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, those who have contact with suspected cases, confirmed cases, and positive testers and have not taken effective protection are defined as close contacts. requires attention:

1. Cohabitation, study, work, or other close contacts, such as working close to each other or sharing a classroom or living in the same house.

2, medical treatment, nursing, visiting medical staff, family members or other people who have similar close contact, such as visiting or staying in a closed environment with other patients and accompanying staff in the ward.

3. People who have the same complications and have close contact, including caregivers who take care of the merger; colleagues (family, colleagues, friends, etc.); after investigation and evaluation, it is found that it is possible to have close contact with suspected cases, confirmed cases and Other passengers and flight attendants who test positive.

4.On-site investigators who are assessed to be eligible for contact with close contacts after investigation.
It is easy to see that in the above scenario, close contacts and patients have close communication or are in the same closed space for a long time, but it is more important to emphasize that most of the close contacts are not effectively protected, that is to say Even if you have been in contact with a suspected case, a confirmed case, or a positive test person, as long as you have protection, you can avoid being infected.
However, there have been some recent diagnosed cases, and none of the above cases have been infected. There are even some reports that sound sensational, such as being infected at a vegetable stand for 30 seconds, etc. Why is this the case? In fact, the most important issue is protection. , I passed by myself near the door of the vegetable market posted a notice of prohibition of fever patients, which greatly reduced the chance of cross-infection in the vegetable market, but there is a problem with the new coronavirus that needs attention, that is, patients in the incubation period may also be infected Sexuality, that is, people who have no symptoms may also detoxify others. Therefore, even if there is no fever in the vegetable market, virus transmission may occur. Therefore, it is most important to take good protection. Remember to wear a mask when buying vegetables. Think about why the stall owner sells vegetables. Not infected?
The new coronavirus epidemic is still severe, and everyone must not relax!