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Four factors affect the sound timbre

jaskey www.jaskeyworld.com 2015-04-23 18:53:14
Best quality bluetooth speaker development of China now has more than 20 years,Tone quality Good or bad until now still not a very clear standard, basically we rely on your ears, users reflect the final conclusion (reputation) on behalf of the sound is good or bad. Sound Whether listening to music, singing karaoke OK, or disco, the sound quality is good or bad depends on four factors are, in this talk about personal opinion, because I is limited please see after a lot of guidance.
1, the signal source
The role of the amplifier is the weak level of the amplified output signal source to the best quality bluetooth speaker, and then by the vibration of the best quality bluetooth speaker in the best quality bluetooth speaker's frequency speed to make all kinds of frequency sounds, that is, we hear high, medium and bass, if the signal Source murmur (distortion) or by compressing lost after some signal components, after amplification by the power amplifier, the noise will be amplified more, missing ingredient to put it out, so good when we evaluate the use of sound sources bad is critical.

2, the equipment itself
That should signal to noise ratio high power amplifier, the effective frequency response should be wide, distortion at the end, effective frequency best quality bluetooth speaker wider frequency response curve to be flat frequency response can reach 20Hz - 20KHz audio can be said to be very good, the current a best quality bluetooth speaker can reach 20Hz - 20KHz + 3% dB is extremely rare, said the market has a lot of high-frequency sound can reach 30 or 40KHz, indicating that the sound quality is in constant progress, but we have normal ears more than 20KHz signal is very difficult to tell the difference, so we can not hear the pursuit of some UHF did not need, wide frequency response curve flat only to reproduce realistic soundtrack, terms of power depends on the size and use of the area determined, to be proportional, if the area is too small too much power, the sound pressure will cause a great many of the reflected sound, so that the tone becomes turbid, whereas the acoustic pressure is not enough. Amplifier power ratio best quality bluetooth speaker Power at the best impedance match is 20% to 50% so strong and powerful bass will some, alt hierarchy would be more clear, the sound pressure is large distortion is not so easy.
3, the users themselves
Some people buy a stereo for decoration, some people are to enjoy the music, there is a renowned for the simple point that if a person could not tell if even the high and low, it can hear what is it good quality? In addition will have to be used to listen to, some people sound installed, the installation technician simply talk about the effect of a good tune, the result is that one day who do not care to move some curious knob, the effect you can imagine, this is not say what you want to understand technology, just as we drove like at least to understand the various switches, buttons, knobs, what role to play in this car's performance and safety.

4, the use of the environment
We all know that people did not live at the empty room, clap, echo when speaking particularly large, this is because there is no room six surface acoustic absorbing material or not enough, due to reflected sound. Sound, too, if acoustic sound is not bad to put out nicely, especially will be very muddy sound slightly harsh, of course, some people say that the family can not do the same as a professional audition room, in fact, as long as the next little effort, flowers money can do a good job for example: in the area of ​​the wall hung a large embroidery picture there nice and sound-absorbing glass windows hung a little thick cotton curtains, rugs spread on the ground that, even if it is the middle ground to be covered by a decorativeBlanket effect will be surprising if more can be done some soft matte hanging decorations on the wall or roof, not only beautiful, but also reduce the reflection, do both.

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