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Five functions of smart speakers

  • Author:Cindy
  • Release Date:2021-10-21

The smart speaker is a product of a speaker upgrade. It is a tool for home consumers to use voice to access the Internet, such as on-demand songs, online shopping, or understanding the weather forecast. It can also control smart home devices, such as opening curtains and setting Refrigerator temperature, warming up the water heater in advance, etc. Young people now like to buy smart products, so smart speakers are recognized by many people. So what are the advantages of smart speakers?

Five functions of smart speakers

1. Voice interactive experience

Starting from the earliest AmazonEcho smart speakers, the super interaction based on the alexa voice assistant has always been the core advantage of smart speakers.

At present, smart speakers launched in China have also conducted more in-depth research on voice interaction, which has improved the understanding of natural semantics of smart speakers. Users can control smart speakers by voice. From the most basic voice ordering of songs to relatively complicated online shopping, voice interaction is the core of smart speakers.

2. Audio resource playback

As a playback carrier, speakers are naturally inseparable from the support of content. For smart speakers, content is no longer just a kind of music, but includes various audio resources.

Take Jingdong smart speakers as an example. Through cooperation with Baidu Music, Koala FM, Himalaya FM, Get, Toutiao, Tencent, etc., more audio content has been built on Dingdong smart speakers, allowing users to have more content. You can choose on the smart speaker to meet all user needs for content.

3. Smart home control

Smart speakers have always been regarded as the future home intelligent control terminal, and this is also a point that major manufacturers value very much.

Judging from the current development situation, smart speakers have been able to control basic smart home devices, just like a universal voice remote control, which can control smart home devices such as lights, curtains, TVs, air conditioners, washing machines, rice cookers and so on.

However, the realization of these functions requires the support of home equipment, so it will take a long time for smart speakers to become the control terminal in the home when smart home equipment is not yet popular.

4. Life O2O service

Life services are also a very important aspect of smart speakers. Through cooperation with third-party applications such as Alipay and Didi Travel, it can provide information about surrounding areas, restaurant promotions, road conditions, trains, air tickets, hotels, etc.

Through the powerful e-commerce platform that it relies on, users can use their voice to make purchases on the speakers, or use third-party applications to implement other types of O2O services. For example: taking a taxi, booking air tickets, restaurants, checking logistics, etc., you can further improve people's lives without turning on your mobile phone.

5. Life gadgets

Based on the home use scenario, smart speakers have also developed some very useful gadgets.

For example, some smart speakers have gadgets such as calculator, unit conversion, check limit line, constellation horoscope, and answering machine. They are still used in daily life. Compared with smart phones, smart speakers only need to "move your mouth". ", it will naturally be more convenient.

At present, smart speakers already have very rich functions, but for the smart speaker industry as a whole, smart speakers are still in its infancy. The most commonly used function is listening to music. Other aspects need to be further improved before they can be used in daily life. .