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Face-changing RGB speaker

2023-10-23 15:33:19

Sichuan opera face-changing is a traditional form of theatre in Sichuan Province, China. It expresses the transformation of a character's emotions and personality through the actor's rapid changing of multiple masks on stage. Face-changing is the core and representative skill of Sichuan opera face-changing art, which is unique to the art of Sichuan opera. Performing face-changing in Sichuan Opera requires a high level of skill and a deep understanding of the character's emotions, which is one of the reasons why face-changing in Sichuan Opera is able to attract audiences and has been passed down to the present day.


Our company is China face-changing RGB speaker manufacturerOur new product, the Face Changing Robot, is inspired by Sichuan Opera Face Changing. It combines the art of face-changing with sound perfectly. We have developed five models of this series of products. They are Face-changing Girl, Face-changing Santa Claus, Face-changing Animals, Face-changing Batman and Face-changing Astronaut.This is compact and easy to carry around. With TWS function, the changing LED light can be used as a night light. Our products are mainly designed with four faces, which can be customized with expressions, patterns according to customers' requirements. You can switch different faces by rotating and toggling the product face. One of the most important things in audio is of course the speaker. Our speaker is 3W, when rotating the face, you can hear different stereo surround sound.

Our company is China face-changing robot supplier.Our products made their debut at the HKTDC Fair and were enjoyed by many customers.Welcome to contact us to customize the pattern you want.