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Do you know why there are active noise-cancelling headphones?

2020-07-06 16:53:32
With the rapid devolpment of technology and society, Our city is full of all kinds of environmental noise.In order to solve the noise problem, active noise-cancelling headphones have been introduced on the market.

active noise-cancelling headphones

Common active noise-cancelling headphones are generally physical noise cancelling, which can achieve certain anti-noise function by using better earplugs and ear pads.

The idea is to try to block ambient sounds directly into the ear. In other words, specific materials are used to block out external noise. These are all passive noise reduction.

Passive noise-cancelling headphones can reduce noise by 15 to 25 decibels under ideal conditions, but they don't stop low-frequency noise from slipping into the ear and aren't suitable for people who are sensitive to sound or are afraid of noise.

In addition to eliminating the interference of external noise to the work, active noise-cancelling headphones, because their performance is better than the general traditional noise-cancelling headphones, were first used in high-noise operating environment, such as aviation, weeding, shooting, etc.,

noise-cancelling headphones

But also used as a sleep AIDS for people sensitive to noise.At present, a series of civil active noise-cancelling headphones have been launched in the market, which makes the application scope of noise-cancelling headphones more extensive. More and more people have come to know this powerful functional headset product.