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Difference-ear and in-ear true wireless earbuds with noise cancelling

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-10-14 22:56:25
    First, the principle may be different pronunciation true wireless earbuds with noise cancelling
Non-ear true wireless earbuds with noise cancelling for moving coil structure, including moving coil ear earplugs, moving iron and piezoelectric structures.
  Second, the requirements are different.
Ear and true wireless earbuds with noise cancelling canal ear band formed after a closed space, resulting in an external enclosure amplified sound will go through true wireless earbuds with noise cancelling into the ear canal, that is, we often say that the stethoscope effects.
Stethoscope effect true wireless earbuds with noise cancelling will seriously affect the normal listening.
To avoid stethoscope effect, and therefore require ear headphones soft wire try to avoid friction with clothing. Part of the ear wire soft enough, as E2C, E5C, etc., but the stethoscope effect of these earplugs is not serious, which is another way to avoid the. Around the ears! The wire around the ear one week, so even if the wire jitter, it does not produce stethoscope effect.
  Three different main purposes.
Ear earplugs because close to the ear canal true wireless earbuds with noise cancelling, So you can effectively block external noise, while an open ear can not play such a role. Therefore, in the surrounding environment is a noisy place to listen to music or other things, buy ear earplugs is a good choice. As some people think that listening ear ear injury, we will talk about in another article inside. Will not elaborate here. But be clear, in fact, does not hurt the hearing ear plugs. But to remind you, because prominent ear plugs noise capability, it is not recommended that you wear on the road, after all, safety first.
Fourth, the sound of different styles.
Ear earplugs because of its closed design, ear canal directly depth, so the more delicate sound attenuation problem of air is relatively small, but the details of the open ear because the sound through the air attenuation is relatively large, resulting in insufficient natural, delicate. The ear earplugs place is insufficient for the low-frequency control, in a closed structure, so when sufficient number of low volume slightly when the reverb problem will be more prominent, while moving-coil structure itself, there is a relatively large low-frequency reverberation characteristics, so in such circumstances.
  Fourth, on both issues on hearing damage
All along, many people mention ear headphones, and believe it hurt hearing. In fact, this view is caught in a misunderstanding.
The reason a lot of damage to hearing, such as listening time, volume, and so on. Here the main problem is the volume involved.
We usually hear size is generally between 40-60 decibels, so when listening volume should also be controlled here. Open-ear sound emitted easily be outside noise interference, while human hearing because of noise and reflected power drops, so in a noisy environment, will unconsciously start to a very big sound. So back after quiet environment, and then listen to the same time, you will understand the problem. Ear earplugs because of wear, it can be separated most of the noise, so in noisy environments, generally do not have to turn up the volume big. Such hearing will play a protective role.
But also because of this problem, we recommend that everyone in the street or walking in the car must not be worn. Or prone to traffic accidents.
  Five, ear earplugs pouches selection.
We are often asked, what pouches better, in fact, there is no uniform answer. The size of the human ear canal is not the same, even for the same person, about the size of the true wireless earbuds with noise cancelling canal are often not the same. The selection criteria is to look at the seal. If the seal is not good, it will produce sound leakage, the sound will be dry, glitches, lack of low-frequency and other issues. Now the factory when the ear earbuds come with more general specifications of pouches, so you can choose according to their own conditions. Others say only their own case, the reference is to the sense of hearing can do comparison, to determine whether the should have quality, it is not the role of the rest.
  Six sets of ear earplugs sea
Ear earplugs true wireless earbuds with noise cancelling The difference between ordinary sea sea sets and sets of relatively large, and there are many differences between pouches, and therefore it alone. Sponge ear plugs for the cylindrical sleeve, inside a hose. Wearing a small pinch when the sponge, into your ear, and then sponge on their own expansion, and the ear canal close together. Advantages sponge is more comfortable to wear, low stethoscope effect of some of the low frequency boost is relatively large, high-frequency has weakened. The disadvantage is likely to be contaminated. Therefore recommends sponge should often change, people do not use another.
true wireless earbuds with noise cancelling