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Development prospects of true wireless earphones

For wireless headset consumers, features such as longer battery life, active noise reduction (ANC), and high-resolution audio are still the main differentiating factors they consider. Wireless headsets currently account for more than half of global headset sales.

59% of global consumers said that they are now familiar with the product category of true wireless headphones, and more than a quarter of consumers already own a pair of true wireless headphones.

Among the consumers who participated in the survey this year, two-thirds of the respondents believe that compared to wired products, wireless audio equipment can provide the same or better sound quality. This shows that driven by technological progress in this field, the attitude of end users has undergone a dramatic change.

Trends in the use of true wireless headphones

Listening to music accounts for 77% of wireless headset usage. This type of equipment is also often used to watch videos, calls, and background noise reduction.

With the increasing popularity of games globally, 32% of smart phone users use wireless headsets when playing games.30% of consumers believe that fitness tracking is very important, but compared to 57% of respondents in the “Status of Use Research Report” in 2019, this demand has shown a downward trend.

60% of consumers use wireless headsets when taking public transportation. Other common listening environments include outdoors, gyms, and workplaces.

50% of smart phone users said that they want wireless headsets to support voice assistant services.

The consumer trend of true wireless headphones

More than 50% of consumers said that they have regarded "smart ear-wear" as a product category.27% of consumers already own a pair of true wireless headphones.

Nearly one-quarter of consumers plan to buy true wireless headphones in the next 12 months, and more than one-third of those aged 18-24.

Sound quality, battery life, and comfort are still the most important headset features for consumers. 57% of respondents said that they are more inclined to buy true wireless headsets that support hearing aid, fitness tracking, and voice assistants.

52% of smart phone users indicated that they would prefer to buy a mobile phone with a Bluetooth headset in the box in the future.