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Check the top bluetooth speakers phase inverse simple method (1)

James http://www.jaskeyworld.com/ 2016-10-31 17:51:44

Top bluetooth speakers unit phase, with the frequency of the audio signal from the amplifier output, if a pair of top bluetooth speakers connected to a reverse phase (usually means "+" "-" reverse polarity), then the top bluetooth speakers unit will produce AC phase difference, Audio signal offset each other, after the low-frequency signal is very weak sound reinforcement, the sound hard to dry, the high frequency will be floating back and forth, affecting the entire public address system debugging and overall effect.

The inversion of the audio system consists of two aspects, one is for the audio signal, the two are the same sound signal phase difference of 180 °; the other is for the microphone and top bluetooth speakers, driven by the same sound, the top bluetooth speakers vibration Between the membrane, between the microphone diaphragm or between the top bluetooth speakers and the microphone diaphragm vibration in the opposite direction. From the practical application can clearly understand the anti-phase and reverse the impact of sound production.

Left and right channel top bluetooth speakers phase

In order to reproduce the stereo effect, so that the delivery of the sound has a good sense of expansion, to ensure uniform sound field, modern sound system to take two-channel playback. In the left and right channel top bluetooth speakers simultaneously playback, if the left and right channel top bluetooth speakers into the same push signal, the top bluetooth speakers cone vibration direction should be exactly the same, that is simultaneously synchronized outward or inward movement; if the vibration direction of the diaphragm On the contrary, the direction of the sound of its vibration must be reversed, the sound is equivalent to the left and right top bluetooth speakers between the two there is always a 180 ° phase difference, this state is called the left and right channel top bluetooth speakers reverse.

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