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Smart audio glasses introduce

In this era when intelligence is taking over our lives, there are more and more technological smart products such as mobile phones, tablet computers, ...

HKTDC 2020 Online Fair

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Why are large portable speakers more popular?

Nowadays,large portable speaker are very common in the market. Not long ago, Meizu also released a small Bluetooth speaker. So why are large portable speakers so popular?

How to use tws bluetooth headset

After the tws bluetooth headset is paired, the mobile phone needs to search for bluetooth devices. Generally, it takes about 5 seconds tosearch for the tws bluetooth headset.Most cell phone passwords are 0000 or 1234, but some are specially set by the manufacturer, which will be detailed in your tws bluetooth headset manual.

Advantages of live broadcast

The information dimension of live broadcasting ismore abundant, which enables consumers to have a more intuitive and comprehensive understanding of product content and service information.The biggest advantage of live streaming is that it allows consumers to immerse themselves in the shopping scene.

How to better choose and use dancing speaker

For music lovers, they have a set of their favorite sound system, and one of the important components-speakers, play a decisive role in the quality of the replay sound, so when choosing dancing speakers, they will take great pains, but apart from comparing the speaker technology In addition to indicators and listening evaluation, some small knowledge about dancing speakers will also allow you to better choose and use dancing speakers.

The advantages of bluetooth wireless headphones

Don't worry, in order to cope with these situations, bluetooth wireless headphones have emerged, of course, the invention of bluetooth wireless headphones must be attributed to the development of science and technology and the infinite wisdom of human beings.

Selfie light - Illuminates your beauty

Whether it's a regular selfie light or a circular selfie light, you'll find your eyes twinkling after you take a selfie.Maybe you'll fall in love with this selfie light after you use it.


Buying guide for the latest Bluetooth speakers in 2022

At present, bluetooth speakers are basically designed with passive radiators, abbreviated as PR. PR can enhance the low frequency performance of speakers to a certain extent. But PR is not entirely without its drawbacks. The shortcomings of PR are easily reflected in the frequency response curve. The passive radiator design can play a similar effect to the inverted cabinet when the low frequency is attenuated at the beginning, and the low frequency will be attenuated later than the closed cabinet. However, at lower frequencies, the low-frequency energy of passive radiators decays dramatically, even faster than in an inverting design. But why almost all brands of bluetooth speakers use passive radiator design? Because of the small size of the speaker, if you don't even need PR, it won't even be cool for a while.
Since all the units of the Bluetooth speaker are all on one box, and usually the size of the Bluetooth speaker itself is not large. So even a stereo Bluetooth speaker, in fact, as long as you listen to the sound from a certain distance, it is actually a mono. (Unless there are some sound source width expansion algorithms, but it doesn't actually make much sense for the use of Bluetooth speakers)
The stereo design is more to avoid the trouble of monophonic remixing of stereo source output. And there are times when dual speakers have more power than a single speaker. In other words, a small speaker of the same size, with two small speakers installed on the structure, may generate a maximum sound pressure level that is greater than that of a single unit that can be plugged in the same box. However, this is not necessarily the case, for example, the JBL Flip5 is designed to be mono. Some people complained before that the cancellation of the stereo is shrinking. In fact, the stereo of such a small-sized speaker is not meaningful. If it is designed to be mono, it can increase the dynamic performance, it is more pragmatic.

The difference between Bluetooth speakers and traditional speakers such as HiFi speakers
The tuning and directivity of Bluetooth speakers are usually different from traditional HiFi speakers, mainly due to the different use environments and uses of the two.
If it is a HiFi speaker or monitor speaker, too much low frequency or high frequency is usually not good. But for Bluetooth speakers, more low frequency or high frequency can not be said to be bad, or sometimes there must be more low frequency. Because the low frequency mentioned here is usually tested in an anechoic room, a speaker with a flat frequency response will have a certain room gain in the low frequency of the room, and the sound we hear at this time is relatively balanced. However, if such a speaker is brought outdoors or in an open area, the low frequency may sound too low. It also makes a difference whether the speakers are placed on the table or not. This still ignores the background noise factor of a noisy environment. Some outdoor players, such as cycling enthusiasts, usually put the Bluetooth speaker in the position of the bicycle water cup. If there are other cars or environmental noise when riding outdoors, if the low frequency of the Bluetooth speaker remains flat, it may be affected by the ambient noise. mask out. For another example, the low frequency of the car audio is also higher in the room than the traditional speaker, preventing the low frequency from being masked by road noise and driving noise.

Battery life and speaker power/dynamic balance
We all know that the higher the power and dynamic range of the speaker under the same sound quality, the better. Unless the volume is loud enough, for small-sized speakers such as Bluetooth speakers, the maximum volume and dynamic performance are usually not as good as traditional speakers. That is to say, the power design of the Bluetooth speaker should be as large as possible. However, it is not. Because this premise does not consider battery life. However, as a portable Bluetooth speaker, it is usually equipped with a battery and has the need for mobile use.

Special features of bluetooth speakers
power Bank
Bluetooth speakers are originally intended for entertainment applications, and it is well known that RGB can effectively improve sound quality. Just kidding, RGB is really cool and can create an atmosphere too.

The current mainstream bluetooth speakers to buy
As mentioned in the previous article, here is a brief summary of a mainstream Bluetooth speaker on sale, with a large discount and high cost performance.

Pickup light  Bluetooth Speaker