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Bright Line - A Longitudinal Discussion on Outdoor Lighting

  • Author:xhtjn
  • Source:8264社区
  • Release Date:2022-03-15
"On a night where I can't see my fingers, I'm unfortunate...", if you haven't spoiled your eyes by city life, theoretically you can rush down a gravel covered with antelope in a dark night I came to the creek with the slope of the cliff to take a sip of water, and at the same time I could notice the traces of other beasts by the water. The unpleasant experience is simply because the lamps he carries are really unsatisfactory, inconvenient to use, not enough light, too fast power consumption, too bulky, unstable in quality, unable to withstand the test of abusive environments...., Wait, wait, the market is also flooded with various types of lamps, so let us see what kind of lamps you need through a series of comparison and analysis.

For you who love nature, camping in the wild may be the most close to nature. But spending long nights in the wild is not as convenient as in the city, and you need to be well prepared to deal with the confusion that night brings. The torch is our most common and probably the first lighting tool you come up with. She is not only easy to operate, but also inexpensive, but she has a fatal flaw, that is, you have to use your hands to manipulate it, and if your hands are bound in the wild, your movement will be restricted. So, a smart guy invented the headlamp.
When it comes to headlamps, you're sure to immediately think of the bulky and heavy miner's lamps used by miners. Yes, in fact, headlamps for outdoor camping and miner's lamps have the same purpose, both for finding direction in the dark. But outdoor headlamps are of course lighter and more beautiful than miner's lamps. A headlamp, as the name suggests, is a lamp that can be worn on the head. She has the benefit of freeing your hands in the dark, which is so important for life in the wild. So, should you choose a headlight or a flashlight when traveling?
Determine the type of your trip Most campers will opt for headlights or flashlights, while if you're in a large group, you can bring one or two larger camp lights that can light up almost the entire camp.
small flashlight
Small flashlights that run on batteries are the most commonly used personal lighting tools. Choose a lighter and more luminous flashlight, which is more suitable for more relaxed field camping, but if you want to carry a flashlight to cook, it will be more troublesome, so you still use headlights.
Battery powered headlamps are ideal for outdoor personal lighting. She's easy to use, and the best thing about her is that it's hands-free. This allows you to easily cook dinner, pitch a tent in the dark, march at night, or write a diary in the tent. Another feature is that she really makes you "see what you see".
candle light
Candle lamps provide us with a long-term, reliable and economical method of lighting. It's the ideal solution for your reading, dinner, or when you don't need high lighting levels. But do remember never to light candles in tents.
camp lights
Specifically designed to illuminate larger areas. Suitable for long-distance travel and large number of participants. Because, such lamps are larger and bulkier. Camp lights are battery and fuel powered. The operation with the battery is more convenient, but the usage time is shorter. The operation with fuel (GAS, kerosene, alcohol or gasoline) is more troublesome, but it tends to have high luminous brightness and long use time.
Small gas lamp
Unlike large camp lights, this gas light is small and easy to carry. Generally, GAS gas is generally used, because the gas tank has been pressurized in advance, unlike when kerosene is used, it needs to be pressurized. GAS lights have high illumination intensity and are used in small teams with small numbers of people.
Consider the energy used by the light fixture determines its luminous intensity, usage time, weight, ease of use and the weight of backup energy you need to prepare for it.
This is the most convenient source of energy, readily available, and not very expensive. But if you're taking a dozen batteries with you for a long walk, you can imagine her weight. In addition, remember "don't throw away the battery at will", it's better to bring her back to "civilized society" and solve it.
Alkaline battery
Inexpensive, long-lived, and has a certain decay time, you can easily tell she is about to run out. But her energy decreases as the temperature decreases.
lithium battery
More durable and more powerful than alkaline batteries. And can be used above -20C. But she is more expensive and says no electricity without electricity.
Ni-Cr battery
Commonly known as rechargeable batteries. They're more expensive and don't last long with non-rechargeable alkaline batteries, but if you have a solar-powered battery charger, Ni-Cr batteries are a good choice.
Lightweight, inexpensive, and lasts a long time. And it also emits a certain amount of heat. The disadvantage is that the brightness is not high. It can also be dangerous if used incorrectly. Do not allow children to use!
Liquid fuel/GAS
Some gas lamps use the same fuel as the gas stove, so your gas stove and gas lamps share the same fuel. But that also means you can't light up while you're cooking, but wouldn't that be the right time to use your headlights?
Consider the function of the light fixture
First determine your requirements for lamps, and then choose from the products that meet the requirements. Maybe the following questions can help you make your choice:
Do you need a light fixture that is easy to carry?
Do you need a light fixture with adjustable lighting levels?
Do you need an easy-to-use light fixture?
Do you need a light fixture that can be easily focused?
Do you need a light fixture that can be easily hung and provides a top-down light source?
Do you need a light fixture that is easy to carry around while you use it?
Different lamps and lanterns are designed to meet different purposes. You should not only consider the appearance and size of the lamps, but more importantly, their performance.