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Bluetooth stereo speakers should pay attention to the problem of use

  • Author:jaskey
  • Release Date:2015-05-29

Since the mini-stereo "head" small, simple operation, so many consumers are not concerned about the use of methods, everyone knows, this idea wrong. Experts point out that master the correct way to use not only make the product "longevity", but also to improve the sound quality, increase their enjoyment of music is also helpful. Below we give you some sort of bluetooth stereo speakers to use the process should pay attention to small problems.

Use of the environment required

Mini stereo compact, the shell material are generally made of plastic or plasticity is very strong thin metal, so try not placed in direct sunlight, but do not place heavy objects on the upper part of the sound, in order to avoid deformation of the housing.

Also note the mini-stereo ambient temperature, ambient temperature is usually normal audio equipment should be 18 ℃ ~ 45 ℃, the temperature is too low will reduce the sensitivity of certain components such as valves. If living north, to mini-stereo away from radiators, heaters and other heat sources, high ambient temperature tends to premature aging of components malfunction.

On and off to care

Some split mini stereo at boot time to follow the rules front to back, which is to open the CD player and other primary sources, and then open the audio unit; when the first shut off the audio unit, and then close the main sources; if connected to a mini-stereo simple amplifier, then closed to first turn off the amplifier to avoid amplifier produces excessive inrush current damage the sound. Should the amplifier volume in the boot Shihai switch to a minimum, avoid loud moments bluetooth stereo speakers damage.

Removing the power to be closed

For portability, all parts are removable mini stereo, a lot of people in order to facilitate disassembly when no power is turned off, so that the sound in working condition. As everyone knows, hot plug active device is very dangerous, even a microphone so do not advocate a passive device hot-swappable, because from the bluetooth stereo speakers terminals are generally close, speaker wire is tightly together in parallel, When wiring often accidentally shorted bluetooth stereo speakers line, causing light tone distortion, weight will lead directly to the bluetooth stereo speakers of equipment.

Volume adjustment Preheating

When using bluetooth stereo speakers music, will be avoided because the audio component has not been warm-up phase, the larger the volume will make it work at full capacity at the moment when the sound volume to the maximum, just getting the boot, causing element damaged, so long will some internal fragile acoustic component failure. Each time you use a mini stereo, it is best to use soft music preheat ten minutes in the case of moderate volume, and other machine components fully adapted, and then use it to enjoy the play too late.