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Dancing Bluetooth speakers realize multiple connections

2020-08-14 11:32:54

The breakthrough of Bluetooth 5.0 technology in 2019 is an exciting fact in Bluetooth applications. In addition to the networking function, the Bluetooth sill function is also very powerful. It can be said that the ble function can achieve a connection distance of more than 1 km outdoors, so that through this technology It can easily achieve precise positioning, some kind of looking for small pets, if you use ble technology indoors, you can also achieve accurate positioning to the centimeter level.

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Dancing Bluetooth speaker of Bluetooth networking, multiple connected Dancing Bluetooth speakers can achieve two today. Connect to each other to form left and right channels. In fact, Bluetooth can form multiple interconnections, but there is no very mature and stable technology. It is expected that multiple interconnection functions can be realized in 2020.

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According to reports, both Chinese chip suppliers and foreign chip suppliers are marching towards Bluetooth multi-point interconnection. As a domestic company that is very serious about technology and development, Aitemingke Technology has already begun to conduct multiple interconnection actions. It should be said that earlier let us see the beautiful use scenarios of multiple interconnection of the Dancing Bluetooth speakers series. In the future outdoor environment, you can even use two or more connected Dancing Bluetooth speakers. This will also be possible, and some functions similar to walkie-talkies will be derived.

A Dancing Bluetooth speaker brand has to make its own unique style and precise positioning type of products, in order to get users to use products to gain users' love, use quality to speak, and use word of mouth to spread.