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Wireless bluetooth speakers technology development

In the past few years of wireless bluetooth speakers development, the phenomenon of appearance, function, ease of use, and sound quality has occurred from time to time. Major wireless bluetooth speakers brands can also find some elements that users pay most attention to to launch new functional Bluetooth speakers Seize the customer source.

       Wireless bluetooth speakers have been constantly competing to imitate and surpass in the past few years. This is actually a good phenomenon. It is a kind of progress to be able to quickly upgrade and introduce better products in this way to accelerate the development of the industry Although bottlenecks will appear, we are constantly overcoming them one by one.

In the field of speakers, any latest technology is concentrated in the aspect of wireless bluetooth speakers. Even these functions may be difficult for other speakers. Is the versatility of wireless bluetooth speakers good? As a speaker, its most important function is still used to listen to music, so which functions are practical and have development potential in wireless bluetooth speakers.

1. NFC short-range wireless communication

NFC provides a simple, touch-sensitive solution for everyone. Although the NFC function is widely used in wireless bluetooth speakers, it is not only designed for wireless bluetooth speakerspairing, but also widely used in collection. NFC short-range wireless communication technology is a non-contact identification and interconnection technology that has emerged in recent years. It is a short-range high-frequency wireless communication technology that allows non-contact point-to-point data transmission between electronic devices and can be used on the mobile. Near-field wireless communication between devices, consumer electronics, PCs and smart control tools.

Wireless bluetooth speakers

2. Stereo interconnection

Due to the volume and structure constraints, there are certain restrictions on the breakthrough of sound performance. We are constantly improving the structure and improving the use of unit materials to obtain better sound performance. The new feature of stereo interconnection technology is to achieve a listening effect similar to 2.0 audio by synchronizing the connection between two wireless bluetooth speakers and then connecting with the mobile phone. Stereo interconnection technology is indeed better than a single speaker to achieve better sound performance, the listening sense is closer to traditional audio, of course, you can also achieve different listening effects through different positioning.

3. Visual and auditory overlapping experience

Wireless bluetooth speakers, as an experiential product, not only make choices in hearing and function, but also visually can really impress consumers. For example, the built-in LED lamp of the speaker box can flash with the beat of music, which not only satisfies the consumer's hearing but also the consumer's visual experience. To arouse the enthusiasm of consumers, realize human-computer interaction, and perfectly combine consumers' vision and hearing to meet market demand.

4. Adjustable high and low bass

The mid-range, high-range and low-frequency of the wireless bluetooth speakers can be adjusted. Do the FM design, just like the professional mixer in the recording studio. Customize your perfect sound. Adjusting your favorite audio sound effect is also a demand. It is also adapted to different environments.

5. Wave to change songs

The song-swapping technology is a function similar to touch design. It is a somatosensory operation. It was not designed for wireless bluetooth speakers​ at the earliest. It really neutralizes the advantages of pressure-free operation of touch buttons and blind operation of physical buttons. We only need to use gestures to operate the music player. At present, the gesture-operated speakers are not too many keys, and the sensitivity of touch and gesture somatosensory needs to be considered.

6.wireless card reader

A 、 Wireless card reader: The so-called wireless card reader is to control the songs in the memory card of the wireless bluetooth speakers by downloading a dedicated APP program through the mobile phone.

B. The advantages of wireless card reading function, such as: use one sentence to describe that you want to listen to the choice of which one.

c. The practicality of the wireless card reader function. The wireless card reader can read the music files in the memory card to solve the problem that the storage capacity of the Bluetooth device is not large enough, or the Bluetooth device is occupied by movies and other software, and it cannot make too much space. It is the simplest and most practical to store music and other problems, and use the wireless card reading function to easily solve the problem. Simply download the dedicated APP program through the mobile phone, and control the speaker through this program to play the music files in its memory card, which is simple and convenient.

Of course, the functions integrated into the wireless bluetooth speakers are not only these. The above points have been or have been relatively hot recently, more representative and more practical. Of course, these functions have certain problems at the same time as they are practical, and they are not necessarily perfect. I believe that wireless bluetooth speakers will continue to make breakthroughs in the direction of updating and better in the future.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the discussion, contact us to contribute, and let us develop the wireless bluetooth speaker to a higher level!