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Black technology is here! Nanospace Disinfecting Sprayer Gun unveiled

  • Author:Emily
  • Release Date:2021-07-02

At present, Shenzhen's new crown epidemic prevention and control has entered a critical stage. Shenzhen citizens not only pay attention to the latest epidemic prevention information released by major media every day, but also strengthen personal protective measures such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, and reducing gatherings. Many citizens are also actively participating in the market. Look for good "protective equipment".

A few days ago, Jaskey Limited released a black technology disinfection product called "Disinfecting Sprayer Gun". The Disinfecting Sprayer Gun is produced by Jaskey Limited’s Dongguan factory. The Disinfecting Sprayer Gun has nano-level atomization, handheld and portable, ultra-long range, Features such as long standby. Adopt dual-core processor, use independent boost charging technology, powerful performance, long-lasting stability; realize nano-level atomization output Customized high-pressure air pump and siphon atomization nozzle above 5000 rpm, spray distance up to 2.5 meters, can be sprayed directly on the human body The surface of objects such as, fabrics, home appliances, etc., does not feel wet. Evenly cover without dead corners, easy to clean and thoroughly.

Disinfecting Sprayer Gun manufacture

The Disinfecting Sprayer Gun is also equipped with a disinfectant. The disinfectant kills externally, which can quickly destroy the outer shell of harmful microorganisms and cause the pathogenic microorganisms to die. After the inside of the disinfectant penetrates, the Weibach molecule is small and has no charge. It can penetrate into the bacterial body and cause oxidation reaction with bacterial (virus) body proteins, nucleic acids and enzymes, or destroy its phosphate dehydrogenase, resulting in disorder of sugar metabolism. Cells die, thereby killing pathogenic microorganisms, and after interacting with microorganisms and organic matter, they can be immediately reduced to water without harming the human body and the environment.

The person in charge of Jaskey Limited introduced: "Disinfecting Sprayer Gun" is currently the most advanced domestic disinfection and protection equipment, which can effectively destroy the home environment, car space, and personal belongings, and improve personal and family protection capabilities and experience . Therefore, every family should buy a Disinfecting Sprayer Gun.

Disinfecting Sprayer Gun