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Best budget wireless earbuds classification and technical knowledge

2015-07-10 14:09:00

One.Best budget wireless earbuds is how to classify it?

1.Press Transducer principle Minute
Mainly moving coil (Dynamic) And electrostatic best budget wireless earbudstwo categories, although in addition to these two categories than there are a few other magnetic type, etc., but have been eliminated or professional use or for very little market share.
Dynamic best budget wireless earbuds principle: the vast majority (about99%Above) Earphones fall into this category, the principle is similar to ordinary speakers, in a permanent magnetic field of the coil and the diaphragm connected to a coil driven diaphragm sound signal current drive .
Electrostatic best budget wireless earbuds: changes in the electric field diaphragm, diaphragm thin, precise to a few microns (currentlySTAXA new generation of electrostatic best budget wireless earbuds diaphragm is accurate to1.35M), the driving force of the coil in the electric field driven diaphragm sound.

2: Press openness points
Mainly open, semi-open, closed
Open: Open best budget wireless earbuds.General natural sense of hearing, wear comfortable, common in home appreciationHIFIbest budget wireless earbuds, the sound can leak, and vice versa is also possible to hear outside sounds, oppression smaller ear best budget wireless earbuds.
Semi-open: no strict rules, the sound can only enter can also be out without, according to the needs and make appropriate adjustments .

Closed: ear to ear to prevent sound out of oppression larger sound correct position clear, professional monitoring of such common areas, but these best budget wireless earbuds have a serious drawback is the bass bass,W100It is an obvious example.

3: By Use
Mainly home, Portable , Monitoring , Mix , Binaural Recording

Two: best budget wireless earbuds some of the relevant parameters and quality terms respectively mean?
1.Best budget wireless earbuds relevant parameters
Impedance : Note the difference between meaning and resistance in direct current (DC) World, the objects on the current role of obstruction is called resistance, but in alternating current (AC) In the field in addition to outside resistance will impede the current, capacitance and inductance also impede the flow of current, this effect is called reactance, and our daily said impedance is resistance and reactance on the vectors and.

Sensitivity: Point best budget wireless earbuds input 1SPL milliwatts of power when the best budget wireless earbuds can be issued (sound pressure is expressed in decibels, the greater the larger the volume of sound pressure), so generally the higher the sensitivity, the smaller the impedance, the more likely best budget wireless earbuds out loud, the more easy to drive.

Frequency response (Frequency & nbsp; Response): The frequency value corresponding to the sensitivity of the frequency response is, the image is drawn into the frequency response curve, the range of human hearing can reach about 20Hz-20000HzNow mature best budget wireless earbudstechnology have reached such a request.

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