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Began to enjoy music from a noise control headphones

Nana www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-10-18 09:43:52

    If you want to pursue freedom movement, radio tie him to enjoy the music, and that the recent launch of a sports noise control headphonesWill be the best choice. The new Bluetooth headset HEP-139 is designed to fully consider the characteristics of the freedom movement. Using simple appearance, the various key functions clear, easy to operate, support 2 + EDR noise control headphones Bluetooth specification version, noise control headphones without the need to enter a password can be easily paired noise control headphones Bluetooth devices.

    It can also connect the phone pairing, noise control headphones convenient operation and to achieve a more stable audio streaming; headset body is provided with switch, play, stop, and volume control keys and the noise control headphones audio system microphone, music player, remote control, capable of noise control headphones listening music and receive calls freely switch.

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