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Audio signal optimizer has what function

James http://www.jaskeyworld.com/ 2016-10-17 17:45:11

Digital audio signal transmission relative to the analog audio signal, has a huge advantage, it has a strong anti-interference ability, without considering the distortion, noise, jitter, crosstalk factors on the transmission. However, the digital audio signal in the transmission process, there is a jitter phenomenon.

Some data show that in 3GHz or more systems, the time jitter (jitter) will lead to intersymbol interference (ISI), resulting in transmission bit error rate increases. In the digital audio signal, as the system clock frequency continues to improve, more and more time-jitter affect the sound quality of the output device.

How do we reduce jitter during SPDIF transmission so that SPDIF lossless audio output? This has an audio signal optimizer, the audio signal optimizer has what role? In simple terms, you can optimize the sound quality. It can enhance the quality of all digital audio sources. Such as CD player, DVD player, Blu-ray machine, DAC decoder, with digital signal input amplifier, digital audio speakers.

Audio signal optimizer is a new product, the faithful to the faithful is relatively unfamiliar, receivers, players, decoders, amplifiers, and so we have long been familiar with the product. Here to explain to you, the digital audio signal difference or worse, this is the most digital products, there are serious problems in our computer chassis, there are serious electromagnetic waves, D / A, A / D conversion will be more serious signal interference. In the clock jitter interference, the theoretical time and the actual time between the deviation, causing the signal distortion, resulting in audio output distortion. The digital audio signal optimizer is to solve this problem was born.

Here we look at the main functions of the audio signal optimizer:

1, reduce the digital signal (SPDIF) clock jitter (Jitter) 10-100 times. The SPDIF iPurifier greatly reduces this jitter, increases the resolution of the music, and makes the sound smoother, fuller, and more resistant to the effects of the digital audio signal SPDIF with large (300ns) clock jitter.

2, the signal optimization: the digital signal isolation, caching, re-create and integer, ground loop noise, the United States reproduce the digital wave, to enhance the quality of all digital audio sources.

3, non-destructive output support HD 24 / 192kHZ, support DSD (DoP), dts, Dolby Digital, lossless output.

4, applicable to all devices with digital audio signal output on the market today, including: Music TV Millet TV, PS4, Xbox, all kinds of TV boxes, 4K smart TV, Bluetooth speakers, home audio and so on.

Through the above to explain everyone on the audio signal optimizer should have a clear understanding of the. If your audio device is equipped with an audio signal optimizer, the sound quality will be super.