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Air purifier function and use skills

Air purifier is also called the machine, the air cleaner, fresh air purifier, refers to the adsorption and decomposition or transformation of various air pollutants (generally include PM2.5, dust, pollen, peculiar smell, formaldehyde, decoration pollution, such as bacteria, allergens, etc.), effectively increase the air cleanliness of products, mainly divided into residential, commercial, industrial, building.

Functions of air purifier:

It is widely used in air purifiers to reduce inflammation and remove odors. It can effectively remove pm2.5 harmful gases in 40 minutes. For the problems of eliminating bacteria, odor and formaldehyde, every brand of air purifiers can do this.

To sum up, its main function is to provide users with clean and safe air.

Tips for using air purifiers:

1. Start the air purifier to clean the air according to the environmental pollution.

For example, air purifiers for PM2.5 pollution are best used in the case of serious air pollution or indoor environmental pollution, which can ensure a good purification effect.

If the air quality is good, there is no need to turn on the air purifier for a long time.

It can be used in combination with a humidifier for best results in summer and winter.

2. Clean and maintain the purifier in time. Install the electrostatic adsorption purifier with the cleaning signal lamp.

3. The filter with efficient filtering function can often check the filter element change indicator light. If there is no indicator light, you can turn on the machine to check the pollution of the filter element.

4. Pay attention to the purification effect of the air purifier during use. If the purification effect is significantly reduced or there is an odor after the air purifier is turned on, it is necessary to replace the filter material and clean the filter in time.

5. Pay attention to safety.

When using electrostatic adsorption air purifier, avoid direct contact with children because of its high voltage to prevent electric shock.

Active carbon filter element and high efficiency filter should pay attention to keep away from the fire source in use, avoid smokers' cigarette butts accidentally inhaled, prevent fire.

6. The placement of the air purifier is also very important. It should be placed in the middle of the house rather than against the wall or furniture, or at least 1m away from the wall when in use.

7. General air purifiers should not be placed too close to the human body, because there are more harmful gases around the purifier.

If you purify the cigarette smoke, the purifier can be closer to the smoker.

8. Do not use an air purifier when the room is open for ventilation, but pay attention to outdoor air pollution when opening the window for ventilation.

Share from Chun Jingyuan commerce and trade.

9. If you choose a humidifier with humidifying function or an air purifier with wet purification technology, you should pay attention that it should not be used in the summer rainy season, sauna days or places with high humidity, otherwise the purification effect of the air purifier will be greatly reduced.

10. Under normal circumstances, when people are not in the room, please do not open the air purifier to remove formaldehyde for a long time.

However, ozone disinfection purifier as far as possible do not open in the room, can use the timing switch machine function, or after closing the doors and Windows, room by room.