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Age of artificial intelligence is approaching

James http://www.jaskeyworld.com/ 2016-10-19 16:37:19

Over the past decade there have been many smart products,Smart phones, smart TVs, smart washing machines, intelligent air conditioning, smart bracelet, intelligent sweeping machines,intelligent wear,intelligent anti-lost and smart home and so on. "Intelligent" is also the word people are familiar with, world-class technology companies have joined the smart products and artificial intelligence research and development in the field, of which intelligent robot is now a popular intelligent products, after it will be in-depth To manufacturing, office work, medical, learning, services, etc. in various industries.

Foxconn Automation Technology Development Committee, general manager of Dai Jiapeng revealed to the media, there are more than 4 million intelligent robots to participate fully in the company's production process. Intelligent robots will be more widely used in the manufacturing industry is an irreversible trend.

Smart manufacturing on the global development of the status quo, the intellectual-made upgrade also remain in the "machine substitutions," the initial stage, Foxconn has been in the forefront. From the cost point of view, because of the rising labor costs in recent years, labor shortage has emerged, companies must respond to, or move the factory to the lower cost of labor and other places, or "machine substitutions." But the question is, where can the relocation of enterprises to move? Obviously, "machine substitutions" is more feasible.

Although the intelligent robot is designed, but with the intelligent robot competition, human beings have their own disadvantages. In the future, the advantages of foundry companies will be lost because most of the production can be completed by the intelligent robot, the cost of long-distance transport will become more important than the cost of production factors, the future manufacturing industry are likely to have Is the nearest production, rather than to low labor costs, to find large manufacturing foundry.

In fact, "machine substitutions", not only may affect the blue-collar jobs, but also self-salvation. Until today, many people may not have the kind of work at any time to lose the sense of crisis. Kevin Kelly told the reader in The Book of Necessity that 70% of the jobs people are doing today are likely to be replaced by automation equipment by the end of this century. Intelligent robots to replace labor is inevitable, all just a matter of time. Moreover, a wide range of automation will involve all types of work, including manual and knowledge-based work.

The second wave of automation is leading this change, and artificial cognition, cheap sensors, machine learning and distributed intelligence will become the focus of change. Extensive automation will involve all types of work, including manual and knowledge-based work. Automated industry has been achieved, the intelligent machine will further consolidate its position. Such as assembly line production, warehouse loading and unloading, farm picking, and even more sophisticated dispensing, cleaning, driving to have a learning area.

Google's artificial intelligence robot software AlphaGo in March this year, challenge the world's top chess champion Li Shishi, the first game in just over four hours AlphaGo easily beat the opponent.

After the artificial intelligence robot antenna will eventually reach the white-collar work. Many machines already contain artificial intelligence, but we have not called them artificial intelligence robot Bale. Just like Google's newest computer, after picking up an online photo, it will "look" at the picture and give a perfect description. It continues to describe what happened in the picture as human beings do, do not feel tired, and can read and summarize the text to the effect.

Google in Europe to establish a new R & D center, the R & D center will focus on the field of artificial intelligence research to introduce more products to the benefit of mankind. Google artificial intelligence R & D department focused on three major areas of research: machine intelligence, machine perception and natural language processing and understanding. By 2026, Google's main product will no longer be search, but artificial intelligence. In keeping with these technological trends, artificial intelligence will continue to advance, and the age of artificial intelligence will finally come.

Most wagons will be unmanned by 2050, not just part of the blue-collar workers like Foxconn may lose their jobs. In fact, whether it is doctors, lawyers, architects, and even programmers, intelligent robots will be historically take over this kind of work, between humans and machines will form a symbiotic relationship.

People freed by intelligent robots will have more time to think creatively, to do more meaningful new jobs, and to discover things that will allow humans to expand their value.

As artificial intelligence and human life and work continue to integrate, will also greatly open the human train of thought and to promote more in-depth thinking of mankind.