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A return to the musician badge-type MP3

  • Author:jaskey
  • Release Date:2015-06-23

Tired of watching high-definition filled with domestic MP5? We want a radical reform to restore the true nature of the player? Play Button how to look at this:

musician badge

Yes, this is not a traditional mini musician badge MP3 clip shape Oh, exactly, this is a musician badge with a paper clip, he called musician badge MP3; Button. Its addition to the back pin, only three buttons: play, pause, next song. That means you can not skip ahead but can not can not rewind Shuffle, Play & nbsp; Button did not have any extra buttons, it's just one of the most primitive of the most pure player only.

Musician badge MP3 Button audio interface in the lower part of the badge, in addition to plug headphones can be charged.

In order to meet this looks to Fushidaier design, Play Button became the official website Dounong old black and white film style.Design B is also not escape an embarrassing mishap injury: Play Button player buttons are designed In the difficult tap musician badge MP3 back. Imagine walking down the street suddenly rubbing his chest badge is a how discordant things (besides nothing to do would have been a very strange musician badge MP3 on the streets). If, unfortunately, you listen to the song at the bottom, you have a one to turn down, and the whole process in others it seems like you do and do not go the same badge. Overall, in addition to the operation is relatively poor, the musician badge MP3 design is good, especially for those who like scratch all of her songs heard again man.