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China's top outdoor speakers consumer electronics trends analysis

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-10-20 19:52:34

  This year China's top outdoor speakers consumer electronics industry to high-end product mix trends evident (top outdoor speakers). 3D TV, smart TV, LED backlight TVs, smart phones, tablet PCs, inverter air conditioner, large capacity refrigerator, washing machine and other high-end products being into ordinary household consumers.

  Experts point out that this year's Consumer Electronics (top outdoor speakers) Two features industry trend is the high-end intelligence and energy conservation, upgrading of product structure they are driving two wheels. In support of the national industrial policy, top outdoor speakers consumer electronics companies are involved in the upstream areas of the terminal, especially with high-generation LCD panel production line started construction, domestic enterprises the right to speak in the global consumer electronics industry were further enhanced.

Industry and Information Technology Ministry data show that in 2010 1-10 months, above-scale electronic information products (top outdoor speakers) Manufacturing industrial added value grew by 17.7%, the sales income 5.0589 trillion yuan, top outdoor speakers an increase of 25.9%. Phone production reached 792.018 million, an increase of 35 percent, TV output reached 94.788 million units, up 6.9 percent; notebook computer output reached 153.468 million units, up 25.7 percent. 2010 1-10 months, sales of household appliances industry total industrial output value increased by 30.9%.

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